Bearing Gifts of Silence

Bearing Gifts of Silence

The Lonely Carrier muffles his packages of grief, sorrow, pain, and despair in Passages of Lullaby ruminations.

Lining them up by the bed ready for delivery.

We share speckled eye Language so discreet outsiders cannot detect our kaleidoscopic prism of splashes and flashes exchanged within our voluminous Silhouettes.

Sometimes Sea spray. Other times Waterfalls.

Often the Ones who Shine Brightest are easily broken.

A Nod. A smile. A hand held comforter. A barely there gesture. We are Luminous Lunar who open not our Lips. Only our One entwined Ribbon Soul. We Dream of Gossamer Days and Pastel Nights.

It’s a Long Walk Home My friend. A Long walk home. But the pier is not far away.

Shorter now as We make the Journey.

For we have known thorny biers that draw blood feeding majestic Trees for future generations.

Ferryman awaits us at the piers edge for the Sweet Home going Voyage

Traversing Sands of Time. Docking our Ships in Tranquility.