Memories From The Heart



Memories From The Heart


Poetry Inspired by My Blogging Buddy Geetha.  Please Check out her most excellent blog for more poetry gems and jewels.


Fleeting memories as the sewing box plays, “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” Little I was and Little did I know that she would return to her beloved sweetheart husband in a future that played out too soon.



Opening my Grandma Eva’s Musical sewing box and seeing her all over and again. Returning to her apartment in Harlem. An apt that was huge to the 5 year old me. Hearing Grandma give a lighthearted scolding to her son, my Dad. Memories of a Great Day in Harlem with Grandma.



Each Memory is like a reflection captured within a diamond.  Precious. One glance returning you to a pleasant past event repeatedly Looped in Luxury.






12 thoughts on “Memories From The Heart

    1. Thanks. My Grandmother Eva Gordon Palmer was married Jan. 1919 to my Grandfather William J. Palmer. Sometimes I wonder did she have it before she married or did my GrandDad give it to her after. They were married over 50 years. They both died in the early 1960s.

  1. inspirationthroughwordspictures

    This is now what I am trying to create, tracing my parents footsteps, There is a convict from Ireland that began a family in South Australia 1856. It’s going to be quite a journey.

    1. You could try 23andMe. That can be helpful. I was fortunate in that on my Father’s side there were Large Family Bibles dating back to the early 1800s. Also I have photographs dating back to the 19th Century which my paternal Grandmother labeled except one. That one is a Tintype and at some point the label must have fallen off. Sadly all of that generation is deceased so I might never find out her name. At least I have the originals.

      1. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        Will book mark 23 and Me and check it out thank you. Unfortunately there is no family Bible. A great deal of family history was lost. As that generation passed away. I am enjoying what I have been doing so far and wish to do a more complex post as I get more information to hand. I have been travelling all over the state here tracing footsteps.

      2. Yes I understand. Most of the information I have is from my Dad’s side. My mother’s side were poor so they could not afford cameras or to have their photos taken. No family Bibles either. Basically I did some research on but eventually I must make that trek to Davy, West Virginia and did through the archives for more information. When I did the DNA test for 23andMe which traces your genealogy on your Mother’s side I found I was 86% Sub Saharan African & my maternal ancestors were from Mozambique. Of course I must make my pilgrimage to Africa to honor my ancestors. God will make a way for me to do this.

      3. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        I realise now I am going to have to a dna.

        I had a phone call from a friend I met in Redhill last week who has found some info for me. I was full of excitement last night when I heard. I am heading there Thirsday it’s a 2hr drive from here to theedge of the desert. I can take some photos where my Dad’s family lived.

        I am getting somewhere I feel so close.

      4. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        I been sitting here at my computer going through Names and places. I know dates and time come into, but I would like to place the history content to it as they were all people with lives and loves, not just numbers and facts as we are becoming today.

      5. Yes. Finding the story behind the names, places, dates and times. Facebook does have some genealogy pages. That’s how I found out more information on my mother’s family. One of my supervisors ancestors came from Ireland or Wales, can’t remember which one. Anyway back in those times people were buried on the church grounds. He was able to locate the church where his great, great, great grandparents were buried. He was so excited when he told me. Also when people emigrated from Europe to America coming through Ellis Island the staff doing the processing often misspelled people’s names. Therefore my former supervisor had to put in every last variation of his surname. Eventually he is going to take that trip to the Emerald Island and Wales. Databases can only take you so far. Let me know your progress.

      6. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        Today is going to be a big day. I’m heading to Redhill a 2hr drive from where I live. To meet some people linked with my Father’s family. I’ve been working on my folder the last couple of days getting ready. Even though I know most of it. Now there is a story behind my folder that I can take with me. I had a meeting with a guy yesterday at our local library sharing some hints. We went through my folder, he was reading some of the stories I have gathered from the “Trove website” which is part of the history digitised here in Australia. I just wish I had a recorder to take with me today. I will have my photos though.

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