Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 9/27/18

Re-imagining the Two Big Poppas! Brooklyn and British Masters in their chosen fields.

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Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 9/27/18

The Two Big Poppas

Mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn

The street in fact that entire block is being worked on however I would suppose that the workmen are used to people stopping and taking pictures of this Outstanding Street Mural.

“Biggie. Biggie. Biggie. Can’t you see sometimes your words just mystify me!”




The British Big Poppa aka Alfred Hitchcock well he is one of my favorite Movie Directors of all time.  The Birds scared me half to death as did Psycho.  However my favorite Hitchcock movie is “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly who later married Prince Rainier of Monaco and became Princess Grace.

Back in 2016 an artist created an outdoor exhibit for a New York Museum based on the Edward Hopper painting and the creepy hotel in the film Psycho

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7 thoughts on “Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 9/27/18

  1. inspirationthroughwordspictures

    Hi! it’s bjsscribbles now on new blog, been trying to let everyone know I have moved. I enjoyed your posts before and still will. I’m trying to create a new journey moving forward. It’s been a shocking year healthwise now trying to move forward.

    1. Hello! Greetings and Salutations! Welcome back! I completely understand health and medical crisis. This year was quite challenging for me also. However the Good News is that I Retired on August 16th. Yes I took that Early Retirement. I will receive a Pension and Thanks to being a Union (DC 37) Member I will keep my health, medical and dental benefits for life. I cannot collect Social Security until I’m 62 but God will provide. I have Faith. I am Happy and Glad for your Return. God Bless.

      1. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        Thank you I too are now on the full pension here. It has been a long time coming. I have my Faith that has kept me travelling the road with God. I am slowly catching up with a few regulars from before, just taking it all a day at a time.

      2. Well it’s a reduced pension because I took Early Retirement but for my mental health I had to get away from that job. God gave me the go ahead to leave. The Lord God Jehovah will take care of me.

      3. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        The Lord took care of me over the past few year. 65 an a half before full pension here. Paying rent living is not good on half a pension but we get through with God at our side.

      4. When I turn 62 I can apply for and receive Social Security. New York City also has Senior Housing plus options for low income folks. Believe me I’m going to take advantage of every last program and service that the City of New York offers.

      5. inspirationthroughwordspictures

        Oh! so am I going for it. Reduced rates cleaners, gardeners, window washers. Chemist, you name it, I’m going for it.

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