Are Beez Happy?

Are Beez Happy?

Smiling Faces by the Undisputed Truth

Happiness? Such a strange odd concept.

The fake Bluebird of Happiness only comes to shit on you.

Shitty bird. Shitty bird.

Fix Your Face Bitch! Put the Facade back on!!

The more she chased after the elusive bluebird the more it mocked her as she slammed into one brick wall after another. All the while humming the Bobby McFerrin tune, Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Outsiders a chorus of Don’t worry. Be happy. Yet never explaining how you can drink poison and be beaten for ten years yet are expected to heal in one day. All the while in the midst of The Perfect Shitstorm.

Ladies and gentlemen we are back after that brief intermission from our sponsors, The Bullshit Express.

It’s been a banner year for idiots despite escapes from maniac Mansion run by the insane clown posse.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. And Remember to wear your painted on evil clown smiles.

LOCKSTEP MARCH! My Wooden Soldiers! Laugh. Grin. Giggle.

Snark. Snark. Snark.

Rebar. Rebar. Rebar. It’s rained for 14 days straight. Should we build Noah’s Ark?

Stuck in the middle with you