#MeToo creator answers 10 questions and perfectly explains what the movement is all about.



Tarana Burke







A Black Woman Created the “Me Too” Campaign Against Sexual Assault 10 Years Ago

Yet, in the early conversations that spurred the “Me Too” movement, there was a sense it wasn’t for us.

“Britni Danielle pointed out that activist Tarana Burke, a Black woman, began the crusade 10 years ago particularly for women of color. Burke is the founder of the “Me Too” movement, which aims to do exactly what the recent trending topic has done on social media: unify those who’ve been victimized by sexual violence.”





7 thoughts on “#MeToo creator answers 10 questions and perfectly explains what the movement is all about.

  1. Although it really shouldn’t, I was surprised to learn of the marginalization of women of color on this subject. I always thought, blindly, I now see, that women of color were at the forefront of the movement, since they seem to be a higher percentage of victims.
    I’m glad to see how this woman re-inserted herself into the conversation, and loved her answer as to why she chooses to work with black and brown women….because that’s what she has always done. Love it! And I believe she’s right in that the community needs more female leadership.
    Thanks for posting this and opening my eyes!

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