Art is Signed, Sealed Delivered

Artwork is Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Well I managed to get myself and my artwork to the gallery space all in one piece. I was confused when I got off the train because I am not familiar with 96th but after a few frantic calls to my co-worker and her coming outside to wave me in, I made it. (Night Blindness ~~ Ugh! No fun!)

That’s why I always afraid to go to a place I don’t know well after dark because I always wind up calling and asking for help. Luckily my friends and co-workers put up with me. Now that I know where the place is I will be volunteering for whatever needs doing. I enjoy being as active as possible.

The Art Space which used to be a school kind of looks like a Castle from the outside. Lots of room, bright and beautiful. Now it is an Artist Residence and one of the security guards who is coordinating the Union Art Show lives there. She was able to get the space. Wish I could live there. I’d be closer to work and the entire building is devoted to artists and art exhibits. An Artist gets in through a Lottery. While I was there gabbing it up with my buddies we could see the ongoing show which is an exhibit by and about Veterans. Somehow I managed to miss all these wonderful art exhibit opportunities.

Here are a few interesting items I managed to photograph before my friends and I had to walk back to the subway station.

By the Way I Love Stevie Wonder ever since his first hit song “Fingertips” and another blogger hipped me to the Douglas Adams quotes. Not really familiar with Douglas Adams but the quotes are funny!

Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours

42 Douglas Adams quotes to live by

Perceptions of Atmospheric Darkness ~~ Brooklyn Courtesy of the Midnight Marauder

When faced with continuous bad news ~~ All That there is left to do is create art, photography and writing.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Endless Possibilities!

Perceptions of Atmospheric Darkness ~~ Brooklyn Courtesy of the Midnight Marauder

Featuring Starry Night Constellations

Give Me The Night ~~ Brooklyn from the Midnight Marauder

Starry Night Constellations

Journey of an Artwork

Night Moves

Nocturnal Dreams and Visions

Preliminaries and Preparations

These are the artworks I began on my Birthday February 27th and will continue throughout the month of March

Follow the Evolution and Transition

One of the three paintings probably one of the smaller canvases will become my interpretation of the classic Starry Night.

Pisces Rule & Reign

Starry Night Constellations ~~ Glitter in the Dark

Don McLean – Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

Women Veterans Healing Through Art

Most of you already know this but I too am a U.S. Army Veteran having served from November 1977 to November 1981.

Well folks I finished three canvasses of Mixed Media Photo Collages…

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