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Hidden Missing Comments


Greetings and Salutations to all my Followers/Subscribers!

I’m on vacation this week just lounging around, resting and relaxing.  It’s too cold to go anywhere and New York City is about to get more snow tomorrow.

Since I have one week of Free time I decided to check my Comments.  Somehow. Some way Comments on WordPress have a habit of disappearing or getting lost.  Other Bloggers have complained that their Comments “Go Ghost.”

Lo and Behold I found fourteen comments which I approved!  Please Don’t Think I’m ignoring you.  I know I’m slow but WordPress is possessed by Gremlins that either eat Comments or cast them into some type of Great Comments Abyss like an Hieronymus Bosch painting.

Even though WordPress allowed me to Approve your Comments those comments disappeared and I could not respond to them.  WordPress is starting to leave a lot to be desired.  In the past WordPress has unsubscribed me from bloggers that I Want to Follow! Then I had to Resubscribe to those Blogs!!  However since WordPress is a widely used Blogging platform and I have No plans to migrate this blog or my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy I will stick it out with WordPress and attempt to vanquish the WP demons or at least check my Comments on a more regular basis.


My Since Apologies to any Reader/Subscriber/Follower who felt like they were being ignored!  Sorry!








Queen Nzingha: Great Queen of Angola

Warrior Queen Nzingha!!

African Heritage

Queen Nzingha of Angola Queen Nzingha of Angola

Today, I will be talking about another great queen of Africa: the Queen Nzingha of Angola, who defended her kingdom against the Portuguese for 40 years and defeated them.  Yes! DEFEATED THE PORTUGUESE IN THE 1600s!  See… another gap in our textbooks: anybody heard of this great queen and of her military and diplomatic genius?

Well, the great Queen Nzingha was born in Angola at the end of the 1500s, just over 100 years after the Portuguese started slavery ports across Africa.  She was born to Ndambi Kiluanji, Ngola (king) of the Mbundu and Ndongo people and his second wife Kangela, in 1582.  At her birth, a wise woman predicted that she will one day become queen, which was unheard of since there were no women rulers in those days.

In her youth, Nzingha was strongly favored by her father, who allowed her to witness…

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Queen Ndate Yalla Mbodj: Senegalese Queen leading the Resistance against French Colonization

Queen Ndate Yalla Mbodj: Senegalese Queen leading the Resistance against French Colonization

African Heritage

Queen Ndate Yalla Mbodj Queen Ndate Yalla Mbodj (from the cover of Kings and Queens of West Africa, by S. Diouf)

In 1855, when the French arrived to colonize Senegal, the first power of resistance they encountered was a woman. Her name was: Ndate Yalla Mbodj. While in France, women were not recognized as citizens until 90 years later, the French were stunned by this woman of beautiful stature, face, and strong body, and who headed an immense army. She was a beautiful and proud warrior, who inherited a rich tradition of bravery and gallantry.

The Lingeer or Queen Ndate Yalla Mbodj (1810 – 1860) was the last great queen of the Waalo, a kingdom in the northwest of modern-day Senegal.  She was a heroine of the resistance against French colonization and Moors invasion. She was also the mother of Sidya Leon Diop or Sidya Ndate Yalla…

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Yaa Asantewaa or the Ashanti Cry for Freedom

Yaa Asantewa Warrior Queen of Ghana!!

African Heritage

asantewaa Queen Yaa Asantewaa in Batakarikese (Ceremonial war dress)

On 17 October 1921, the great Ashanti warrior queenYaa Asantewaa passed away. Her story is that of a queen who rallied masses to fight for their independence; hers is a story of courage, determination, and stamina. Yaa Asantewaa led a rebellion against the British at a time when the men surrounding her were low in spirit, afraid, and discouraged. She arose them to fight for their independence, and for their nation.  Her fight against British colonialists is a story woven throughout the history of Ghana.

asante_map-1800sAshanti Kingdom ca 1800s

Yaa Asantewaa was born in 1840 in the Gold Coast in the Kingdom of Ashanti. She was a successful farmer, mother, intellectual, politician, human right activist, Queen and leader. Yaa Asantewaa became famous for leading the Ashanti rebellion against British colonialism to defend the Golden Stool, symbol and…

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Tutu, the African Mona Lisa?

Tutu, the African Mona Lisa?

African Heritage

Ben Enwonu_Tutu ‘Tutu’ by Ben Enwonu (Source: CNN, Bonhams)

Tutu is what people have recently termed the African Mona Lisa. It is the portrait of a Yoruba princess made by the renowned Nigerian painter Ben Enwonwu. The brainchild of Enwonu, who created it during the aftermath of Nigeria’s bloody civil war, “Tutu” is the painting of an Ile Ife princess Adetutu Ademiluyi (“Tutu”); it is said that he met her as he was driving . It had disappeared right after being painted in 1974, and resurfaced over 40 years later in a flat in London.  On March 1st 2018, it fetched $1.6M in auction and has been celebrated by Nigerians around the world. The London auction house initially predicted a price tag of between £200,000 and £300,000 ($275,000 to $413,000), less than a quarter of the final bid. It sold for $1.6 million (

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