New York Today: The Art of Healing – The New York Times


Black HerStory Month

Welcome to Women’s History month or as I call it Black HerStory Month

My passion is to tell the oft forgotten stories of Black Women. Like the two Black Women named in the New York Times article I am a Survivor of sexual assault while I served my country. Art is helping me pull my life together and be Victorious not a victim.  The Voices of Black Women Will Be Heard!  Through our Art, Song, Dance, & Writing!

Sp4 DeBorah Ann Palmer, U.S. Army ~~ November 1977 to November 1981, 569th PSC & 101st Airborne Division!







2 thoughts on “New York Today: The Art of Healing – The New York Times

  1. It is so sad that you were sexually assaulted during your time of service. A time when you would expect respect and clear boundaries put in place to protect both women and men. Evil has its ways. Many have just had to deal with it and it is so wrong. It was so many women have to endure both in fighting and their country being invaded. Some believe they just have the right to abuse because the conditions present themselves and believe they can get away with it. Now I understand your art better expresses the emotions very well Take care and blessings.

    1. Thanks. It’s a subject I rarely discuss because I’m still dealing with the guilt and shame nearly 40 years later but more Women are speaking up. More Women are coming out from the shadows. My Art is therapeutic and helps redirect my energy levels.

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