In Pursuit of Health


Health = Wealth

In Pursuit of Health

Wellness Warriors

Still Juicing when possible. Consuming healthy Green Soups. Also eating Oatmeal. The chicken bone broth is very tasty. Next I will try the Beef Bone Broth.

I take Liquid Vitamins as swallowing pills is troublesome. Mostly B12 and Biotin.

Oh Yes. The Gator Balm is for my dry winter skin. In January I had a horrible winter rash which causes my skin to crack, burn and peel. Once I began to apply the Gator Balm my skin started to heal within a few weeks.













4 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Health

    1. As you can see I’m fighting a battle with my aging body.
      I must work twice as hard to stay healthy as opposed to when I was younger. Menopause played havoc with my system. Fighting back. Doing my best to stay consistent.

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