Many of us hold dear to the notion of finding a soul mate to travel through life with, but might God also have it in mind to match us with special friends?

I believe in Soul Friendship. God has brought me together with people of different faiths, races and cultures and we instantly connected.

It’s almost like we knew each other from a previous life.

Even when we’re apart my mind will be on that person. Or they will call or text me.

Personally I think that there is a bond that cuts across time and eternity.

We may have separated 1000 years ago or 100 years ago but we shall meet again.

To paraphrase an old church hymn, Let the Circle be unbroken.

His Eyes


His Eyes

His hands trace every fold, wrinkle and crease remembering what was. Yet his dim eyes remember and smile at the wife of his youth is still there as she takes his hand and guides him along bustling sidewalks and across the busy streets.

Grays, Blues, and Greens now blurs. A well placed tap on his Bowler Hat. Extend my white cane. My arm in hers. And off we go into the future.