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Simplify | The Daily Post


Saturday, February 10th I went back to my old building to see an exhibition and meet with my former colleagues.

It was fun seeing many of the old gang. We laughed, joked and hugged.

Most of my buddies were surprised when I told them I am planning to retire this year as opposed to staying until age 62.

Until I shared the truth behind my early retirement with my 50+ and 60+ friends.

I can no longer safely navigate subway stairs. Just in January I’ve had at least three close calls. Pushed twice and once just lost my balance.

Backstory is that I had a stroke at age 49. Lost much of the vision in my left eye resulting in limited depth perception.

So far my methods in getting to and from work is when I get off the train to wait for the crowds to lessen before attempting the stairs. Most times this strategy works but basically anybody can come up on my left side (My left eye is blurry) knock into me causing me to lose my balance. I try to grip the railing if possible.

Plus the subway steps often have garbage or debris on them and in this winter weather the steps can be slippery.

“Heck! The Old Grey Mare ain’t What She Used to be. “

My friends told me the honest truth that I need to apply for Disability and maybe Access a Ride (Disability transportation.) We had a brainstorming session of how to simplify my life so I can make it to 62 or even 60.

One strategy I used last week for two days was the Lyft car service which is similar to Uber. I got home at 1 a.m. instead of 2 am. It was safe and wonderful ride home, however my finances will not allow me this option except for maybe one or two days a month.

Next month March I’ll be taking another of my medical vacations. Meaning I will spend my vacation week going to various doctors.

Hey at least that simplifies my vacation time. I don’t have to plan exotic get aways as my body has made the decision for me.

It’s difficult to admit aging or even to adjust to the limitations of aging.

As you get older it’s best to admit all the stuff that you can no longer safely accomplish.

The Bible says, that Pride goes before a fall which in my case is literal.

50 is not the New 40 nor is 60 the New 50.

Next year if it’s God’s will I will turn 60 provided I get away from the evil subway stairs.

My Youth is long gone and I will be to if I don’t watch my steps!

Not to worry Speedy Millennials! Soon I too will go the way of vinyl records, cassettes, 8 track tapes and VCRS!  Then your generation will rule the world or at least be able to run down the subway steps without slow Baby Boomers in the way!

Happy 88th Birthday in Heaven Daddy


If You Really Love Someone you Never “Get Over it. Or Move On.” Like some people tell you to do. I guess they expect you to forget even though a major portion of your life is now gone.  That’s like telling somebody who loses arms or legs that they should accept the fact that they are missing limbs. You may adjust but you will always remember what you once had.

Grief and sorrow last forever. That’s how I feel about my Dad. He was a Provider, Protector and someone I could rely on. I could go to my Dad for advice and comfort. Losing him was a support system now gone. No one and nothing can ever take his place. Every day reminds me that he is no longer here and I will never again hear his voice. An emptiness at those end of year holidays that everyone else celebrates but are no longer available for me.

It’s an ache and a pain that never goes away.  It’s a disconnect from the world as you once knew it because that world, that Happiness and that Joy will never return on this earth again.  However one day we will be reunited once more and things will be as they should be.

Edward Gordon Palmer ~~  February 11th 1930 to May 13th, 1995.