Instagram Fun, Happiness & Joy


Instagram Fun, Happiness & Joy


Ladies & Gentlemen, Loyal and Trusted Followers!  First I want to send you Tremendous Thanks for Following me on Espiritu en Fuego and on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

Feel free to join me on Instagram.  The link is listed below.  Some folks dislike Instagram which like that old Bobby Brown song is Their Prerogative.  I have found Instagram to be an Excellent Platform for my photography.  I can share my photos and get feedback from other photographers.

One does not have to be a professional photographer and of course you will find family vacation photos and pictures of every day life.  Instagram gives a peek into the lives of people around the world.  It’s a great way to connect with people you might not meet on Facebook or WordPress.

As most of you know I work as a Museum Security Guard.  Many if not most of my co-workers are extremely talented and gifted artists.  Yes they do have their own personal shows but Instagram provides a way to showcase their work to those who cannot attend their shows or who live far away.

Does it have issues?  Naturally!  What social media does not but just like Facebook and WordPress ~~  Use that Block and Report Button.  Overall my experience on Instagram has been wonderful.  I’m happy to have joined this medium.  I will continue to use it and enjoy sharing with others as well as enjoying the photos fellow contributions.

Maybe Instagram does not have the “Gravitas” that certain people expect or look for but sometimes it’s all about Fun and Enjoyment.  The same way that years ago my Dad used to show family, friends and subject my potential boyfriends all those Koda Chrome Slides dating back to the early 1950s (And Yes I still have my Dad’s Slides but no Slide projector).

Pretty much nobody has or uses Koda Chrome slides or slide projectors. My Dad used to have most of his photographs develop as slides or prints.  Those of you born in the 40s, 50s, & 60s remember taking your film to be develop. Now I’m sure that still exists and professional photographers still use film that has to be developed but it’s a rare occurrence.

With the advance of technology and the advent of digital cameras and cell phones that take photos that are just as good if not better than cameras we are in a new age.  Yes that does mean there will be crappy photos but just don’t follow photos you don’t like. Change the Channel.  Any type of change or progress comes with pluses and minuses.

I do plan to honor my Dad, Edward G. Palmer by digitizing his slides and creating, developing a Photography show to give Daddy the exposure that he did not get while he was alive.  I salute both Old & New Technology.  Having a Good Time on Instagram.






6 thoughts on “Instagram Fun, Happiness & Joy

      1. Thanks. I’m looking forward to turning 60 next year. I plan to retire this year and devote more time to my brother Stephen and my various art interests. Grace, Peace and Blessings

  1. Beautiful photographs very handsome family you have. I have just started using Instagram and find it really good. There are those people but block them or ignore them let them follow. I prefer it to facebook this gets too political for me. I enjoy looking into the world of different people across the globe. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks. I’m on Facebook and Twitter but as concerns Facebook just to promote my Photography
      I don’t get involved with political discussions. I control my social media and I don’t allow it to control me. Keep things light, easy and fun as much as possible.
      I appreciate your feedback.

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