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The Evergreens, Brooklyn, NY

The of the silence of the Graveyard.

A place we will all be some day.

The End of the Body we once knew then the beginning of a New Adventure in Paradise.

Reunion with family members.

I Love Cemeteries and Graveyards. One of the few places to Enjoy Silence, Peace and Isolation.


The Silence of the Necropolis.



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      1. I have not visited their graves since they both died over 20 years ago. Can’t handle the grief and sorrow. Just as painful now as it was when they passed away. I can’t deal with Death or dying. As time passes more of my family, friends and colleagues have died. People in their 40s,50s and 60s. Every few months is another wake, memorial service or funerals.

      2. Goodbye is not forever. One day I will be with my parents in Paradise. Given my poor health probably sooner than later. Then I will be happy once more. As the church says I will go from Labor to Reward. This earth is constant suffering. Heaven is where all my wishes and Dreams will come true.

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