Return of the Prodigal Daughter: Series Three



Return of the Prodigal Daughter: Series Three

Saga of JoyBaieda Rueine


924 Belmont Avenue ~~ Brooklyn, New York


Once the Amusement activities ended thus began Winged Garuda who brought the Initiatory Tones. Twinned Flutists paired one higher in elevation than the other but each in sync with the other. Kinship of the Elder lifts up and protects the younger. Beginning One Pulse. Pause. Two Pulse. Pause. Half Pulse. End. In this way the meeting place and all in attendance were Blessed.

Le Gui and Laila Piscatorious miraged upon the scene bringing with them their aquatic environment in suspended animation above the group.  In his seductive voice with a grin and a chuckle Le Gui announced Representatives from Mer-Land All Present and Accounted For!”

Mer-Land was once a Dominion called Coney Island.  Now a bit split off from the mainland but still essential to the Lands.  Each district of Mer-Land was governed by it’s own unique Merlin.  Dominions. Territories. Districts.  Orderly Chaos. That was the 22nd Century.



My Heart is in Havana  

 Quantico and Flowering Inferno 


In the midst of the work who should tumble out of the ether but Sir Frederick! He landed rather ungracefully with big Kaflump!  Sir Frederick or Rick as he liked to be called seemed a bit startled looking out of place in an area where he had not expected to be. As though he was in the midst of one action and quite suddenly lifted into another.

“I felt the pull through the process of flow but tried to put it off on finishing that last Cheesy fries which were not sitting well and at war with my digestive system.   Yours is the strongest power of Realization I’ve met in over 100 years.”

I had used all my Initiation Tone to draw forth all strong enough to meet the challenge.



Some only saw him as a fop or a dandy but within lay the intellect of many genius and the strength of multiple Warriors.  In secret a Scarlet Pimpernel and Zorro of bronzed sepia hues.


Fredrick H. Halstead_Sept. 6, 1898_Little's Brother
Fredrick H. Halstead_Sept. 6, 1898