Return of the Prodigal Daughter ~~ Series Two


Return of the Prodigal Daughter ~~ Series Two


Saga of JoyBaieda Rueine


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Room John 3:16

JoyBaieda had consistently checked the dials, gauges, and meters wondering why the absorption rate was glowing so slowly that it was almost at a stand still. Formerly troublesome tremulous Nepenthes had ceased leaving their home-base making it even more difficult to feed the diameters so the process could continue. Even the formerly tremulous thermostat was silent. Quiet. Too quiet…  Made her wonder if the Settlement would survive  Then wonder why the Dayforming process had slowed down to the point of going in reverse.  At this rate no matter how many Ancestor passkeys were at hand or available for use there was no way we would be able to scale the Community Board and be ready for Escape Pod Eclipse.

Havana Heart Cabana 


Ancestor Passkeys






Must employ the Wisdom of the Strix and their descendants The Nephilim

Quantico and Flowering Inferno 

“There were giants on the earth in those days… the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them”. (Gen. 6:4) the Nephilim?


At that thought She spotted the little multicolored Whirlwind. As she watched it began to spin. As it spun it grew larger whilst moving in a circular pattern as it approached her. Then it began to take the form of a young man with a handle bar mustache, top hat and frock coat.  Unexpectedly a beautiful young woman materialized along side him.






With the coming of the Strix Eclipse the Dead shall Mock the Living.


Quite the Dapper Gentleman aren’t you Uncle Henry and I see you’ve brought along Aunt Carrie!  Carrie beating Henry to reply with a gentle noble head said, “I tired of the Gibber jab of Hibernia Watson and decided to accompany Henry on this quest,.

JoyBaieda breathed a sigh of relief that Aunt Carrie had accompanied Uncle Henry as Aunt Carrie was a skilled Streamstress.  Surely Aunt Carrie could get to the root of the problem, speed up the Dayformer in readiness for the Eclipse.

Well Now Folks Let the Soiree Begin!


Aunt Carrie and Uncle Henry transported us via Memories Tubes back to 924 Belmont Avenue in Brooklyn, New York — One of my many Old childhood Haunts.  Obviously not their memories being that they were from the 19th Century but as families we have Collective Generational Memory available to all but only a few can access.  Once a thriving community of families it was now in the 22nd Century had become a bombed out ruin from the Class Wars that devastated America in the 21st century.  Not only was 924 Belmont the portal to disaster and chaos but it was populated by creatures who looked like escapees from the Island of Dr. Moreau.

Extreme weather Conditions lamented the roads. 924 Belmont Avenue was the only place where snow storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides and earthquakes could occur simultaneously.  The skies and general atmosphere continuously contorted and convulsed as if in some deep agonizing suffering unending pain.

924 Belmont was also a gathering place for seers, oracles, witches and warlocks. Gremlins and gnomes also met for tea-filled elixirs and potions. Even the trolls had a place behind the shield. Despite the bad press over eons Trolls began as gatekeepers. Gatekeepers who were unseated in Euro Fairy Tales.  Some Trolls had even intermarried and had children by not so innocent lusty female fairies.

Enchanted ones who understood the languages of flowers, trees, foliage, plants on earth and below the roiling oceans/seas. Melodic whisperings echoed in underground pubs and taverns.  Musical allurement was provided by the Harp/Harpsichord group The Jiggle Pinks. Terpsichore lead the dancers.  A cacophony. A Din. From both without and within. Flailing Frocks of Flaneuers and Flaneuses forging upon the Dance Floor producing Mixed Media.

Once the Amusement activities ended thus began Winged Garuda who brought the Initiatory Tones. Twinned Flutists paired one higher in elevation than the other but each in sync with the other. Kinship of the Elder lifts up and protects the younger. Beginning One Pulse. Pause. Two Pulse. Pause. Half Pulse. End. In this way the meeting place and all in attendance were Blessed.

Le Gui and Laila Piscatorious miraged upon the scene bringing with them their aquatic environment in suspended animation above the group.  In his seductive voice with a grin and a chuckle Le Gui announced Representatives from Mer-Land All Present and Accounted For!”

Mer-Land was once a Dominion called Coney Island.  Now a bit split off from the mainland but still essential to the Lands.  Each district of Mer-Land was governed by it’s own unique Merlin.  Dominions. Territories. Districts.  Orderly Chaos. That was the 22nd Century.



Patsy Cline Tennessee Waltz



Bonnie Raitt, Aaron Neville & Gregg Allman -Tell It Like It Is




TOM JONES – Green Green Grass Of Home (31 December, 2009)