Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway

I Praise God for my Muslim co-workers who have stood with me through thick and thin in sickness and in health. Truly the Lord God is working through His People!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway


Brooklyn the Borough of Churches

During this Christmas Season I stand with my Muslim Sisters and Brothers against prejudice, racism, bias and bigotry. All Peoples are Welcome in the Kingdom of God!!  The United States of America! Out of many Peoples We are One!!

Hezekiah Walker New Video “Every Praise”

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10 thoughts on “Soulful Strut ~~ Eastern Parkway

      1. Yes. I really enjoy listening to Gospel music. It helps clear my mind and soul. Reminds me of who is really in charge. The words of the song counter what happens to me at work and this past week was a rough one on my job. When I return to work on Tuesday I just keep in mind that God is in control no matter what nightmares await me.

      2. Sadly yes. What the reason is I don’t know, but I’m glad it will be coming to an end Spring 2018. Retirement can’t come soon enough. Workplace Bullying is real and I need to get away from this environment. I’m only sticking it out for the benefits and the pension. However I hate the negative energy, arguments, & fights. One has to pray just to get through the day.

      3. That’s horrible that you have to put up with that. Call on Archangel Michael and you Guardian Angel everyday to stand by your side as you work to keep the negativity far away from you.

      4. Believe me my U.S. Army training has stood me well. Now I actually have a use for everything I learned in the military. Usually idiots only mess with me once. Jokingly some of the guys say my initials stand for Don’t Play. I can be extremely nasty if I have to and I do have a temper. I stand up for myself because I don’t believe in running. I don’t have the option of quitting so I’ve learned to defend myself. As much as possible I try to avoid troublemakers but some fools like to stalk you. As a single woman you have to be tough and know how to take care of yourself because nobody will do it for you. If you don’t know how to fight you’re fucked. I don’t really like that tough persona but survival is #1. I identify with Billie Holiday and Nina Simone because they were tough women who didn’t take any shit.

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