The Chatty Grim Reaper: The Thickening Darkness of Blank Pages



The Chatty Grim Reaper: The Thickening Darkness of Blank Pages


A world teeming with Virtual Minutiae

Augmented Faces

Neural Networks

Mutilated Mannequins

Naked Apartments and Gypsy Housing


Soul Transporter + The Splattering of feet and ideas

You espied my Loneliness as a Thickening of the Darkness surrounding my soul


Sneaker Coffin
Sneaker Coffin @ The Brooklyn Museum


Pages Intentionally Left Blank


I can hear the screech of seagulls in the distance cruelly circling scavenging viscera from my nightmares


Struggle Dance


Packs of rats that eat anything and everything in their way including each other.

Finding her broken battered sliced up body parts he put her in a box labeled No Return

I lay there atop the early morning dawn beach. Sand in my hair, face and mouth. I spit out some grains as I slowly and painfully tried to raise myself up to at least a sitting position whilst waves of nausea assaulted my digestive track sending me onto the Vomitus Express.  Vomit make it’s way up into my throat alternately gagging and heaving in full effect. Nightmarish odors entangled my olfactory system worsening my hold on this world and imperiling me towards the next.

Propping myself up on the heels of my hands I could then see that the stench came from horribly mutilated bodies scattered all across the beach some not more than a few inches away.  Bodies once human now a mangled mashup of guts, brain matter, blood and feces decomposing along with rotting undigested remnants of their last meals.

Horrid stench but even worse how did I get here?




















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