Straight Down the Line


Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favorite Old Time Movie Actresses. Many aspects of her personality resonate with me. I’m a Tough Woman. Born and Raised in the School of Hard Knocks. Also I tend to be brutally blunt. No filters. Meaning I will tell you exactly how I feel.  Don’t ask me what I think about a subject unless you’re prepared for the brutal honest truth.  Yes I do have a bad temper which I usually keep in check unless you keep pushing that B-Button and the B does not stand for Beautiful.

No Rose Colored Glasses. I run a No Bullshit Zone. If you say or do something I don’t like I will tell you right, quick and in a hurry. I tend to keep people at a distance. I will Close the Door on you and Never Ever Look back.  I’m not the traditional, submissive, milquetoast female.

I’ve been abandoned and betrayed so often that No I don’t trust anyone.  So people either accept how I am or they can Fuck Off. Pick one. I don’t suffer fools gladly.  Keep your Dumbfuckery to yourself.  I stick up for the underdog. Those that society has cast to the side. I can’t stand cruelty to animals, the elderly, disabled or anyone who is unable to fight back.  I don’t like bullies.  I understand weakness. It is not a character flaw. For some it takes a while to rise above the fear. I’ve not been entirely successful but I’m getting there.

My Dad had an expression, “Don’t Mistake kindness for weakness.”  In the Army we had an expression, “Don’t let you mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash.”

Straight. No Chaser.

I’m a Survivalist. My horns are holding up my halo.  My broken halo.

You either Love me or hate me. But always Respect me.












5 thoughts on “Straight Down the Line

  1. Great piece of writring. I agree to be straight and no messing with me either, I do not like fanciful things in life. Life is hard enough without sitting on a cloud. Important to work on our own issues before starting on someone elses’. Wishing you a 2018 filled with blessings.

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