My Left Foot

My Left Foot

(No this is not a review or commentary on the Daniel Day Lewis movie of a few years ago)

My Left foot has been giving me pain for the last two weeks. Throbbing achy pain that had me limping by the end of my work day. The pain was so intense that I actually had to call out sick for two days. I’m very Grateful and Thankful for Advil PM.

Finally today I decided to get a pedicure. Soaking my feet in the warm water and getting them massaged helped a great deal. It is the instep and heel that hurt the most. Soothing warm waters. Ahh………


Also Treated myself to Eye brow and Lip wax so I don’t look like the artist Frida Kahlo! LOL!  The Uni-brow is not a good look on me! LOL!!

My Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Hair Color went over so well at work that I will keep this color for a while.


Will return to my job on Sunday. Ready and Prepared.

10 thoughts on “My Left Foot

    1. Thanks. I have no idea what is going on with my left foot. Probably a combination of age and arthritis. I’m nearly 60 so my body is breaking down like an old car. Also my job involves standing and when you stand for long periods of time you have foot problems.
      Nearly everyone on my job has similar issues. I’m a Museum Security Guard and stand for hours. Nurses and teachers have foot problems also.

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