Mirrored Objects are Closer than They Appear



Mirrored Objects are Closer than They Appear


Welcome to Floozy Fridays at the Asylum


Stay Tuned for the next Meat Grinder Edition


When the smoke clears the Conflagration will arise

She an Elliptical Orbit floating on Clouds

Enter the Meat Grinder

Play me some Sleep Dance music an Ode to the Great Cathedral Mausoleum

Building those Great Cathedrals in the Sky


Red Lips. Cloudy Eyes.


Watch the Closing Doors

Shouting Out the Kewl Breeze Shysty fiesty One

Two pages stuck together with Lust Juice

Hairy Arms and Bare Legs Tussle

And Then a relaxation of bed covers

All is Finished. All is silent except silent snores piercing blustery night breezes

Whilst TaiQuai watched him sputter and gasp his way into eternity. Her sardonic smile belied the Trickster Elixir that sent him into permanent exile. Away from his many serial wives he wooed and lost.


Max Headroom, The Best Bits Ever!

Chuckle berries are being served up now


Sprocket Rocket