“When I Talk About Black People, I Don’t Expect White People To Understand”

Like the writer Nile Girl when I write about race relations, racism, bigotry and bias I’m not writing to or for a white audience. I’m not trying to curry favor with white people nor am I looking for validation or agreement. That’s slave mentality thinking.

For my nearly 60 years on this earth I’ve heard more than enough of white opinions on how I should be or think and I reject every last one.  I believe in Self-Determination. I define myself and my culture.

Mostly my writing including this blog is for me. If you like it. Fine. If you don’t that’s fine also. If you agree or disagree. Fine.  I’m not about to argue or debate with white folks.  If you feel insulted well so have I, my parents, grandparents and great grandparents going back to when we were forcibly brought to these evil wicked shores against our will.

This is who I am and this is who I will always be. No apologies.

Enjoy the article.


“When I Talk About Black People, I Don’t Expect White People To Understand” @nilegirl https://medium.com/@nilegirl/when-i-talk-about-black-people-i-dont-expect-white-people-to-understand-512c45bba4eb