Tired Of Arguing Online

The fine art of debate has been replaced by verbal battering rams extremists viewpoints. Words can help or hurt. Choose wisely.

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In the tit-for-tat world that is social media these days arguing can be exhausting. There is an old Internet saying “don’t read the comments” and its true. On Facebook you can see where there is so much pain and suffering in the feedback of people who are wanting to speak louder to get their point of view across. Back in the good old days there were debate classes that taught the fine craft of point and counterpoint. In debate you had to do your research to make your case. There was a point to debate and it was an orderly, civilized discussion of a subject.

Fighting the good fight is a noble thing but when you think about it that can just wear you out. Politics has made things so bad that it has ended friendships and caused division. I get tired of the arguing but you have to do…

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9 thoughts on “Tired Of Arguing Online

  1. It is a shame when you cannot even make a statement w/o having to defend it. Good gosh, what has become of us… Good reblog, DeBorah.

    1. Yes it is a shame. Tony hit the nail on the head. WordPress is a pretty good place but I’ve still had to Block certain Bloggers. That’s why sometimes I don’t allow comments. I had the opportunity to read several of Tony’s blog post and he is on point. The trolls and flammers seem to be emboldened and not afraid to rant and rave on a blog that is not theirs. The is nothing wrong with healthy disagreements. But out and out insults and disrespect is horrible. Actually if you don’t like what a certain Blogger posts there is always that Unsubscribe option. It’s like scrolling through TV shows. If you don’t like what you’re watching you change the channel not start an ongoing war with your TV set! Go figure!

      1. I’m with you! Unsubscribe and no one gets hurt. It has become too crazy out there. I notice when you disable the Comment button, and I think ‘smart woman.’

      2. Thanks for understanding. One of my goals with this blog is to share, educate, inform, inspire and uplift. Obviously I write from my own experience. Some of the articles I post show an ugly side of our nation but in order to heal we must expose the wounds to fresh air. We can’t just put our heads in the sand regarding some issues. I’m like Tony in the respect that I refuse to engage in online word battles. I used to get angry but then I realized that I was stooping to their level. I enjoy blogging and of course I’m outspoken but these online tongue lashings have gotten out of control. Facebook is bad but gradually WordPress is turning into a radical nut zone. However I will not stop blogging nor will I be silenced. I hope that my blog posts give people thinking material. Some history and the repercussions of government decisions plus some historical context.

  2. The third line of Tony’s entry was the obvious red flag. Facebook. Why people
    choose to participate in the FB Peanut Gallery is beyond me. We have been FB
    free for over 5 years & don’t miss any of it one bit. WordPress has a completely
    different vibe, & if people choose to participate in the FB foolishness, it is on them.
    No one is forced to use any platform, & if it is not productive or enjoyable move on.

    Facebook seems to be the most destructive co-dependent relationship people chose
    to participate in today. The was a great wide world before FB & will be one afterwards.

    Fighting with internet trolls is a no win scenario with nothing to gain with engaging them.
    As we say, when the valley is swamped with trolls, it is time to head for higher ground.

    1. I am on Facebook to keep up with family and friends. Also to promote my photography Blog. Facebook does have positive uses. Facebook does make it easier to organize events and that’s how I communicate with many elected officials in regards to getting my brother Stephen help.
      I will not be critical of those who use Facebook.
      Not everyone there is evil.
      You made your choice that fits you. Let others make theirs.
      No judgment either way.

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