Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is a State of Mind’

The more Ben Carson opens his mouth the more he proves himself to be a total egotistical fool and idiotic. Nor is Carson a Christian/Follower of Jesus because Jesus had compassion on the poor, widows, the disabled and children. The American Dream is just that. A Dream only for the rich and wealthy. Ben Carson is a moron. He needs to watch the following documentary. The game is rigged from the Get Go:

Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream – Why Poverty?

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Generalizations and victim blaming does not resolve anything.

Roland Martin has a good panel discussing Dr. Carson’s comments and attitude.

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36 thoughts on “Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is a State of Mind’

  1. Bin Carson is a mf puppet…. and the Republicans have there hand up his a…. I’m ashamed that he’s from Baltimore…. my home…. 80% of Baltimore city is living in poverty… 70% percent of the city is jobless…. I’m not tryin to hear that sh…! You feel me

    1. Yeah Brother. I feel ya. Truly he is a marionette token and does not even realize he is being manipulated or worse yet maybe he does and does not care. So Sad. That is why I included the other documentary which is kinda long but well worth watching. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Ben Carson is highly trainable. He can crack books, memorize, and learn the mechanics of medical surgery. But he’s hopeless when it comes to ideas, analysis, and logic.

    Far-right Christianity is about politics, not Jesus. Dr. Carson is either mentally disturbed or a rank hypocrite.

    1. You are 100% Correct. He is what we used to call when I was younger a token, Oreo & Uncle Tom. The Far/Alt-Right kicked Jesus out a long time ago but come their day of Judgement they will be feeling hot around the collar and in fact as my Grandmother Hattie Banks used to say, “He will be splitting hell wide open!”

      1. Yes, an Oreo. No commitment, loyalty, or principle in any direction. Yes, the Far- and Alt-Right are bedfellows who will together “split hell wide open!”

        None of these people are examples of a genuine different perspective. They are examples of willful stupidity – for the sake of personal gain. They refuse to see the most obvious truths of Christianity and/or human rights.

  3. That statement gets easier to say the more money you have. He’s a fool. He’s obviously forgotten whatever compassion he had as a doctor.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    1. Thanks for your feedback. If you get a chance please give a listen and look to the documentary on rich and poverty in the USA. It is kinda long but well worth watching.

    1. My Pleasure. We need to get the word out regarding how ignorant insensitive judgmental attitudes hurt innocent. Guess Ben Carson never heard the scripture Judge not, lest you be judged. I support your blog 100%!!

    1. Both he and trump are jackasses who need to be quiet and resign their respective offices. Like attracts like. They should just quit and join a local dummies club. Washington, DC. All the Village Idiots in one place. Government. Sad.

  4. I do not know who Carson is. Poverty is definitely not a state of mind for if it was. The state of mind could be change in a thought. So many people suffering now with the traumatic changes all over the world. It is people’s attitudes like his which make life harder for those who seek the reason for their state of being. Life and the reasons for it are very intricate. Keeping the faith is a difficult test during these times, but we must keep the faith. Hold on to our own truth no matter what. Bless you for bringing this person to our attention.

    1. Ben Carson is the Secretary of Housing which is supposed to help obviously Americans in need of housing. I live and work in New York and ride the subway to and from work every day. There is an ever increasing large homeless population who live on the platforms and inside the subway cars. Many have mental illness, some are Veterans which is a shame that you can serve your country yet this same country does nothing for you and a good deal are also physically disabled. If you saw what I see on a regular basis your faith in man would quickly dissolve. It’s normal to see people begging in the streets and on the subways. At night homeless people sleep in cardboard boxes. And like many New Yorkers I too am only one paycheck away from being homeless so I work as much overtime as possible neglecting my sleep and health in order to survive. Real Life.

      1. Thank you for explaining. I live in Egypt and there is no government system fro anyone here. It really does open your eyes to how people live. Do take care of yourself you are precious too. Something has got to change in this world. There is too much suffering. Everywhere.

      2. Yes I have heard of the difficulties in Egypt especially in regards to Coptic Christians. Sadly governments everywhere are willing to destroy the lives of the poor, disabled, elderly, children and Veterans. Only the rich, wealthy and evil seem to prosper or be immune. I do wish God would intervene and help those suffering.

      3. All Egyptians suffer and when attacks happen everyone feels it. I think God’s intervention is overdue the suffering which is increasing daily has gone on too much. You are right the rich/evil are looking after themselves. I find it hard to complain for myself to God as I see too many people who also require His help in the same way. I pray for us all.

      4. Amen. I agree with you 100%. However I don’t think God minds if we vent or complain sometimes. He knows that we need to get it out of our system and God also knows we all want more out of life. Not only for ourselves but for our families. Most of us want to live up to our full potential for the short time we walk this earth. I pray for everyone including myself. When I hear of people suffering in any manner I try to reach out to help them in whatever way possible. At least I feel like I’m making a contribution and bringing somebody in need some small happiness & help.

      5. I am smiling, I have to complain. Seeing the good on this Earth suffer at the hands of evil makes me frustrated. If we all do our best and help in what ways we can and how God wants us to work. Then we are fulfilling our God given tasks.

  5. Yep, sounds about right. and this guy is one of the leaders of the us of a. his statement just shows you how screwed poor people are going to be for at least the next 4 years. there is no end to the nonsense sadly 😦

      1. I dont think impeachment will solve anything. If he does get out of office we are stuck with pence. Belive it or not he might actully be wrose then him!!! If you at his voting record it is scary. Beside he would still keep guys like carson in their position anyways. Impeachment seen as the end all be all solution to him is very misleading. Impeachment or not repunlicans are still in power and i am more scared then them than him.

      2. The election of trump is proof that Americans are none too bright plus the candidates put forth are party favorites instead of the best qualified. In the meantime most of us except the rich and wealthy will be living on hopes and prayers. The infrastructure in New York is completely collapsing. Subway trains & other transportation is failing. The poverty, the homeless, lack of services, programs and assistance for the poor, disabled, elderly and Veterans is horrible. Because I work at night and I’m on the subway at 1:00 am I see some pretty horrible sights. And it is only going to get worse.

      3. it’s not completely the people’s fault…they were lied to and were never given any real option. the two system party is broken…if there were more than two parties candidate who actually have a plan to solve the problem this country is facing would go there. but instead we have to choce between two parties who are both working for the rich and powerful anyways. if thirs parties were real options bernie sanders might have been our president, because at the end of the day i still want to believe that when given the right choice people will make the right decisions. not all of the time of course but most of the time, yeah.

      4. true, but due to our corrupt and rigged system we can only get to chose between two evils. it’s not just Bernie, there are plenty others like him. Tulsi Gabbard,Nina Turner, and plenty other people who have similar message to him but will never get the chance to even get as far as he got simply because the system will never allow it. i say this system need to go down hard!!! only then can we find true result!

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