Therapeutic Bubble Bath aka The Relaxation Response

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Therapeutic Bubble Bath aka The Relaxation Response


As one who has a bad back along with arthritis I find warm/hot baths help to ease the pain and help me to relax and unwind.  My job often requires me to be on my feet and even when I have the opportunity to sit those chairs located in the galleries are not always ergonomic.

Turn your bathroom into a spa. The ingredients I use in my Bubble bath along with the Bubbles are Epsom salts, Lavender Oil, Green Rubbing Alcohol (minty fresh) can be purchased at your local bodega/corner store or on Amazon.

Even though you see the Coconut Oil on my bathtub Do Not add the Coconut Oil to your bath water as it will clog the tub drain.

Apply the Coconut oil and/or African Shea Butter after your relaxing bath time.

Since Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature place the jar under hot water for a few minutes. Shea Butter is also solid so I warm mine in the microwave for a minute.

A few drops of Lavender Oil is a beneficial extra.

Soothing and Chillaxin’ Let your Bathtub become your BathRub’

Now Lean………..Back……………into your Vibe.


Nurt Thurs – Message for You


17 thoughts on “Therapeutic Bubble Bath aka The Relaxation Response

  1. Lucky you, I’d love to relax in a bath but I only have a shower here and it’s just not the same. Mind you, not having someone to scrub your back isn’t either.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. I grew up taking baths even though we did have a shower but sometimes it did not work. Usually when I’m on my way to work or have an appointment I take a shower but those long leisurely baths. Love them. I’m in there soaking like a tea bag. Long leisurely baths are my alone time.

  2. I use shea butter in the exact same packaging. Do you prefer the more yellow shea butter versus some of the lighter ones? I don’t know what is the difference between the cream and yellow colors.
    What does he green alcohol help with?

    1. I like the more yellow shea butter. I’m Blessed to live in a neighborhood with many African and African-American vendors/stores and some sellers say the Yellow is medicated whereas the pale one is the natural color. Opinions depends on who you watch. Kinda a Shea Butter YouTuber battle! LOL! Researching on YouTube it is my understanding that the color of the shea butter depends on what type tree it came from. Leaving you some informational links. As for the green alcohol I mostly like the minty fresh scent and I find it helps me with my arthritic joints and back pain. Some of my Yemen store owners use it for pain. They add it to their baths.

  3. I’m allergic to lavender, and that is always the ingredient used for relaxing products. I use a lot of oils and make my own products. What could I use instead of lavender as a relaxing calming agent?

    1. In New York we have Walgreens because Walmart is not allowed in New York City because they are non-Union. Anyway I prefer to patronize and buy from African Black-Owned Business. We need to support our own people. Yes there are times and instances where I buy from white or Asian business but I want to see my Sisters and Brothers progress economically so I go straight to the African/African-American stores/vendors.

      1. I didn’t know that Walmart wasn’t allowed in NYC. I truly understand that, as I am a union member. Sadly, there are not a lot of Black/African American Owned Business near me. I’m outside of the city. There are other ethnic stores though. When I would visit Charleston, SC, there was a man that sold Shea Butter from the source. I wish he was near me. His products were great.

      2. Walmart is in New York suburbs like Nassau county. And even though I felt conflicted when I lived in Queens and on my last dollars I did shop there. It was a matter of survival. However living in Brooklyn across from the subway I have access to many Black/African-American owned stores and vendors. I know that I’m fortunate. I can walk down the street on a sunny day and buy from a wide selection of African and African-American entrepreneurs. Here is one Black store that I believe ships all over the USA. You can probably get many African products from them. Let me know how it goes.

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