Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish Friends and Buddies.  According to the DNA testing company 23andMe my brother Stephen and I have a small Irish Ancestry Claim.

Please keep in mind that ancestry is only traced from your mother’s side as only Women carry Mitochondrial DNA which is passed from Mother to child.  In order for me to get information on my Dad’s side one of my paternal cousins would have to take the DNA test.

When I was younger and especially when I was a kid I would get stopped on the street all the time by total strangers asking me if I was Native American. Got the same question from a Korean Sister who was giving me a facial. Obviously the African and Native American genes stand out more than anything else. Or at least to friends and neighbors.

Here is the 411 on our family genetics:

Deborah Palmer


Sub-Saharan African 86.9%

European 11.3%
East Asian & Native American 1.4%
Unassigned 0.4%
European 11.3%
Northwestern European 8.8%

British & Irish 5.0%

Broadly Northwestern European 3.7%
Southern European 1.2%
Broadly Southern European 1.2%
Broadly European 1.3%
Above photos of my Mom Mable Elizabeth Palmer and my Grandmother Hattie Finney Banks. Below Me and Stephen.
Me and My brother Stephen December 1961

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    1. Rescued your comment from my Spam Folder. Have no idea why it went there. Anyway Ancestry, Genetics and DNA are wonderful in the scientific progress made over the years in locating what part of the world our ancestors came from.

      1. I think I went into loads of Spam folders yesterday. Jetpack seemed to disconnect itself. Or maybe human error! Sometimes with technology I’m a bit of an “eejit” (Glaswegian for idiot).

      1. Hmmm…. A dilemma. Perhaps as science and technology advance researchers will come up with a test that can extract both parental DNA heritage. If I found out anything I will let you know.

      2. I’ve found maternal cousins from my Mom’s side through Ancestry.com. I have a lot of family history and photographs from my Dad’s side but nearly nothing from my Mother’s side. I no longer pay the fee to subscribe to the service but I did find it helpful as a starting point.

      3. Another source that might seem rather odd on the surface are Facebook genealogy pages. I subscribe to an African-American FB page for African Americans researching their family history. Naturally there are many white Americans who also use the page seeking their Black relatives. One year I posted a photo of my maternal Grandmother Hattie Finney Banks and a white lady contacted me thinking we might have a common ancestor. She lives in the West Virginia town where my mother, grandmother and aunts were born. She was able to send me articles, death certificates and other information about my maternal family that I had been searching for many years. She really dug into the archives to help me and I truly appreciate all her assistance. As it turns out we don’t have a common ancestor however we did develop a friendship and one day I will travel to West Virginia to do more research on my maternal kinfolks.

    1. Thanks. I was trying to think of something fun to share for St. Patrick’s day. Many people are into genealogy so I decided to share some fun tidbits about my heritage. I received great response. ♡♡☆☆

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