6 thoughts on “BLACK HISTORY: Sarah Bailey Center in GA Named for Leader Who Organized Black Girl Scout Troops in 1940s

      1. Thanks. Happy for your support and encouragement. Unfortunately my blogs on race relations in America are not always so well received. When I speak from my experience as a Black Woman dealing daily with racist, discrimination and bigotry some whites take my words as a personal attack or affront instead of the ingrained racism my people have faced for many years.

      2. I will pray for you. Pray that your words will be heard by the right people and hearts will be changed. That their eyes will be opened and hearts moved with compassion for the Black Women today! Remember the beautiful saints who have gone before you and overcome the pain and anger of persecution. God will be your shield and guide!

      3. Thanks. I let people know ahead of time that I can be brutally honest. I’m very outspoken and folks who are easily offended might want to skip certain blog posts. My parents didn’t raise me to be a doormat and I’m not afraid to put people in check if I must. My four years in the US ARMY have prepared me to deal with nuts.
        Lately that seems to happen a lot but I do my best to avoid confrontations.
        Maybe one day peace will come to America or at least we won’t constantly be at each others throats.

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