9 thoughts on ““White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better”

  1. Well written. I respect her opinion and the vast generational struggle but it is always ill advised to use an all inclusive brush to describe any single person, race, or culture. I can transpose the ire, disgust, frustration, and plea for justice onto many marginalized, neglected and abused peoples within America. All white people are not made the same just as all black people are not made the same. However, we are all God’s children made in His image and this is the only commonality upon which we should concentrate. When this happens then our differences matter very little, yet we are all sinful humans who are always going to screw up. Holding onto hate and resentment does nothing to the person or group onto which it is projected. It only serves to poison oneself. I occupy several marginalized and neglected groups even if my skin color is not one of them. Injustice is injustice in any color.

    1. As you can see there is a big difference between how Black people relate to this article and white people who take it as a personal attack or affront. There in lies the disparity between the races.
      Personally based on my experience with 99% of whites I agree with the writer and am glad to see young Blacks taking up the mantle for resistance and revolution. They are awake.
      They reject the indoctrination and shackles of the white church and that blonde hair blue eyes Jesus I used to see every Sunday. But I’m making steps towards enlightenment. I left the church and its teachings in 2010 not looking back.
      I transferred from the day shift to the late shift to lessen my interactions with rich wealthy racist white people.
      I’m even considering leaving America and taking my brother with me when I retire. Heck! Whites are always telling us to go back to Africa anyway! If not the Motherland then somewhere I can be a human being as opposed to a stereotype. Maybe I’ll burn my army uniform before I go since I wasted my time serving a country that hates me.
      Yes this young person voices the thoughts that many don’t want to hear but I’m proud she stood up and spoke Our Truths.

      1. I am sorry you have been wounded so deeply. I do not take the article as a personal affront and my faith was in jeopardy for many years. There is no blue eyes, blond Jesus. Any educated individual will understand that he was dark haired and dark skinned but that fact has little to do with the reality in which we live. I for one, highly respect you. I do not hate you and I am deeply grateful for your service to this country. I understand the burden of care you have with your brother and your own health issues but I have lived the life of rage for two decades. All it did was tear me apart and hide the Savior, Jesus from my eyes because this society has used him as a rod to suppress the people. Your wounds are raw and sensitive as is evidenced by your reaction to my response. I am deeply sorry if I added one once of hurt and pain to you, for that was not my intent. I only thought we could converse regardless of my skin color. I did not mean to intrude or make it seem I understood what it means to live in black skin. I only know that rage, bitterness, and pain quickly eats the insides of the person who holds it. No one else cares as you are being devoured from within. Truly, you have my utmost respect and I regret if I have added to your pain in any manner. I do pray peace upon you so that you may look beyond the false Christ you have been fed and rightly rejected. Do not accept mankind’s version of God, Jesus or even the church. Peace to you and I am sorry.

      2. No apologies necessary. There are two Americas. Always has been and always will be. We live in two different worlds.
        As for anger I see it as a catalyst for good. For much needed changes.
        If at all possible don’t stay in a place where you are not wanted or respected.
        Me being eaten up by anger is very unlikely because I don’t care. I easily dismiss folks who mean nothing to me. They cease to exist until I must deal with them. No guilt. No shame.
        I will just go ahead and plan my life accordingly.
        After all the Eurocentric version of Christianity is why most of the indigenous Native American tribes were murdered and their land illegally appropriated. Also why my ancestors were stolen kidnapped from Africa and had European Christianity forced upon them.
        Now that I rejected that slave mentality I validate me. Makes for a happier life.

      3. I agree with you more than you know or that I could express in a manner that would not come off as a platitude. I was a history teacher once upon a time and I can assure you human hatred and cruel division is not just an American monopoly. Mankind and religion is a different animal totally than God the creator and Christ the savior. All religions have been used since humanity began scribbling down their thoughts for control and manipulate others. Hindu social structure mandates millions are born, live and die in utter abject poverty without hope, within this life, for their lot to improve. I could go culture by culture throughout time and draw the same disgusting picture of oppression, manipulation, torture, and killing for mankind’s version of their god and their religion. Socioeconomic differences should not exist at this point within America but hatred and ignorance will never be erradicated. It is wrong, it is sickening, and maddening but it is reality. Yes, we must fight it at every turn but I learned that anger can only bring you so far and it excludes many avenues of vast resources that could have made my journey less harsh. I believe we are contemporaries so we have lived through the same time periods but our paths were vastly different. Pain was involved, persists and will continue and that is where we meet because we each have empathy for the other. You know immediately when someone is trying to “understand” your pain and when they have actually tasted some version of that little slice of hell in their own lives. I am drawn to those in pain, I always have been because I understand what it means to claim victory just by rousing myself from bed in the morning to begin the fight yet again. We know the truth because we have lived it and it is exciting to see the youth understand that they must fight the injustices of this planet early. Only…my heart breaks when I see another allowing rage to consume and lead them. I lived in that pit for too many years and although my anger fueled my drive to gain an education, it was a very bleak section of my life path. I just hate to see anyone linger in that pit for too long. So much is missed…so very much.
        America is a baby nation, only a little over 200yrs and we have only grown more distant and hateful instead of the other way around. Sadly, there are not other countries who have gotten it right either and some have had thousands of years of practice. As long as you have more than one human walking around on this planet you are going to have conflict and division. I’ve been fighting injustice on so many levels since the moment I understood what it was and I have had small successes. It mattered to the people, obviously, but there was no large scale sweeping change. America is only part and product of a global humanity issue. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am only expressing my own experience as a lay person and in the professional realms. Its sickening and I get very disheartened if I concentrate on the growth of the evil and not spend enough time celebrating the victories. There have been many…yet…not nearly enough. Mainly, this is not a black and white issue or any other race…it is a human issue because there is a deep darkness that lives within us but some of us are wise enough to tame it or eradicate it. I thought my rage was strength but it is a thief that destroys everything good within us and those around us. Just my humble opinion.

      4. Look if that’s what makes you happy so be it. I deal in reality. I’m an extremely practical and pragmatic person. Life is not sugar coated. I don’t tell other people how they should live, react or respond to their lives. Don’t worry about me. Everyone has opinions. This is how I choose to live my life. Emphasis on my and mine. You live how you want. At this point you know if you’ve read my blog for any length of time I’m not likely to change my mind or my outlook on life. Actually my situation should not matter to you at all. I almost never listen to other peoples suggestions or advice. They are not me. They are not paying my bills. My life does not affect yours. Keep doing what your doing because I’m sure has hell gonna keep living my life. So let’s end this conversation. If you feel that uncomfortable Feel free to disengage. Just unsubscribe.

  2. Thanks for your input. I will not comment or debate because as a Black American I agree 100% with the writer. Also I have no desire to argue. Basically white Americans have no understanding of the Black experience. End of discussion.

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