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Gives New Meaning to the Old TV Commercial Jingle, “Things Go Better with Coke!!”

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Feb 3, 2017


This can be an overwhelming yet fun and enjoyable selection of Coca-Cola sodas. Gives new meaning to the old TV commercial jingle, “Things Go Better with Coke!”

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8 thoughts on “Overwhelming | The Daily Post

    1. Yes I was intrigued the first time I passed the store I knew I had to get some photos. So once I knew of this Coke Bottle display I deliberately left home extra early, got off at a different subway stop, took my pictures and made my way to work getting there with time to spare. When I was a teen/20s my favorite was Coca-Cola with lots of ice. Now I cannot and do not drink any soda. All the caffeine and sugar is bad for my health plus it messes with my digestion. The commercials were a fun walk along Memory Lane! Thanks for stopping by!! ❤ 🙂

    1. Yes. Now Coca-Cola would never be considered a healthy drink by most athletes. Most sports figures drink Gatorade or just plain water. Of course with my health issues I have not had much soda of any kind in the last few years. I even gave up my favorite alcohol drink “rum & coke” for the sake of my various medical conditions.

      1. Haha! Never … LOL!! I barely drink any soft drinks and it is ages ago that I drank some that are not diet. Basically I drink pure water…. oh, coffee and tea too…haha!

      2. Me too. Except coffee. My system cannot handle caffeine. I drink, water and green tea. However I do love Snapples. I know they are not good for me because of the sugar content but Snapple is my guilty pleasure.

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