Float On…………




When I saw this prompt the old Skool Back in the Day song by the Floaters came to mind. Growing up in the 60s and 70s songs were more about the message as well as the beat. This song is true romance. Guys always have a line but but some men can sweet talk you out of your clothes!! That Brother got game. He got some Rap!! Of course most women want more than that but its a nice start to a romantic evening or a Lifetime of Togetherness.

By the Way My African Brothers I’m a Pisces. What do you have for me? Is there Magic in your words? I’m Listening!

The Floaters – Float On – HQ


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2 thoughts on “Float On…………

    1. That was the Floaters most famous song and I’m not sure they had any really big hits other than Float On….. However the song sticks in my memory and sometimes of my 50+ co-workers and I will have an 8 track flashback and start singing the lyrics. I can sing most of the words verbatim after all this time. Also groups like the Four Tops and the Temptations might have over shadowed some of the less well known R&B Soul singer groups.

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