Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye……



Since I’m on an Old Skool Music Kick. Let’s press that button on the Way Back Machine and continue our Journey down Memory Lane.  Time for more 8-Track Flashbacks!!

I had the opportunity to see The Manhattans on their Back to the World tour in Germany somewhere around 1978/79. The reason it was called The Back to the World Tour was the we soldiers in Germany always referred the the USA as “The World.”  Going back to the States was called going back to the World. Sometimes we referred to America as the Land of Round Door Knobs because the door knobs in Germany were all handles of some type. Anyway we all missed home and the United States of America was Home.

The Manhattans were Masters of the Slow Jams. Dancing slow. Holding your baby close. Grinding on the Dance floor. If only the moment could last forever but it Vanishes all too soon.

Was a Great Concert!!


The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye


The Manhattans – There’s No Me Without You


It Feels so Good to Be Loved so Bad















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  1. You seem to have the knack this morning for picking things from my Top 50 Ever playlist. Are you getting the idea that I’m a soul music fan yet, especially Motown?
    Thank you again
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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