When Tomorrows End



Lately especially since I turned 50 several years ago I’ve been to more wakes and funerals than birthdays. My generation, Baby Boomers are passing away.  The baton is being passed to the Millennials. Turning 50 seems to be the catalyst for health problems and medical issues.  One of the few good things about 2016 is that this is the first year since 2008 that I have not been in the hospital as a patient. Actually my health drama began at age 49 with a mini-stroke that had my life literally passing before my eyes. Facing death you realize how much you want to live but after turning 50 you already know you’ve live more than half your life and there are more years behind you than in front of you.

This is why I dread Christmas and I don’t make a big deal of the Holiday season. Christmas usually brings bad news mostly somebody has died.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have become one long anxiety and panic attack for me.

I know next year to avoid discussing despised fake, phony Christmas I’m gonna do a moratorium on posting after Veteran’s day until the first week in January has passed. I don’t want to deal with any more Holiday Greetings and I’m tired of putting on an act of a season I’ve come to hate with a passion.

Now obviously I will attend the company Christmas party because I don’t want to be thought of as a Grinch and I’m happy for the folks who do celebrate. More power to them and I Love to eat. Goodies are available.

Truthfully Christmas means absolutely NOTHING TO ME!! Jesus was not born on December 25th and he was Jewish!! If Jesus were on earth today he would be celebrating Hanukkah not Christmas!!  As a Christian I see no point in make believe cheer during the holidays and those same people who wish you Happy Holidays will curse you out January 2nd.

Most important that the commercialism and merchandising of Christmas is the state of your soul. Your standing with God in whatever ever belief system you follow. When you die God will not ask you anything about Christmas but rather how you treated your fellow human beings for your time on this earth.

I know my time to meet the Lord is coming. Perhaps sooner than later. As my Dad used to say, “Straighten up and Fly Right.”  Or to quote my Grandmother Hattie Finney Banks, “It’s time to Get Right with God!”

The only thing that matters to me now is my status or right standing with the Lord!

2 Corinthians 5:8

King James Version (KJV)

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.





9 thoughts on “When Tomorrows End

    1. thanks. but I’m no longer thinking about the coming years if they do come. Just lost another friend this past Christmas. I’m finished with this crazy season. In fact I’m on my way to the doctor’s office now. Nothing but stress and sadness for me.

      1. Life comes to us as we take it. Our minds are very powerful. Stay positive and breath deep. Just trust God and focus on the good things he gave you all these years 🙂 My good wishes with you.

      2. I wonder if my co-worker David suffered or was he just taken suddenly. Did he cry out for help. Cries that went unanswered. Then to wind up a decomposing corpse by Christmas Day. One of the nicest, kindest, most generous people I ever worked with. David was a good man who deserved better. I will be seeing his face and hearing his voice for a long time. Somehow I’m not looking forward to 2017. Positive can be cancelled out by negative in just a moment of time. David, Bernadine and many of my other friends will never see another holiday season again. At least not on this earth. Death knocks out every positive in life. It is real and there is no coming back. That person is gone. Forever. Only memories. Good times are all erased. Just. Like. That. Gone.

  1. Yes, we never know how much time we are given. And as you say, that’s why we should strive to be the best or ourselves every day in order to look back and say, I did ok!

  2. The baton isn’t being passed to the Millennials quite yet – they’re too busy taking selfies and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al.

    We GenXers are doing things. That’s why we’re too busy to SnapChat every freaking thing we’re doing…because we’re DOING, not just TALKING and demanding attention!

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