20 thoughts on “Two Vincents 

      1. We’re both single without immediate family. His brother lives in California and only visits during the summer. If it were not for Stephen I would not make a big deal out of Christmas.
        Glad I’m at work now. My job is a reprieve from holiday chaos.

      2. That is true! Christmas is pretty much something that creates itself a lot through the people around us. I see this with my children. The face of Christmas changed a lot during the past 21 years! I am glad you are having your job and you can take a break from the turmoil around!

      3. Thanks. Married people. People with children see the holidays very differently than those who are single without children or nearby immediate family.
        Sometimes work becomes a substitute for what you know that you will never have again.

  1. The bond you and your brother share is beautiful to behold. Treasure it and may you celebrate the holidays, and celebrate love and peace in The New Year. Much love, Harlon

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