Plop Slop!!

Today’s mishmash Lunch offerings from the Staff Cafe were so bad that my lunch mates and I decided that if must be a form of Soylent Green.

Soylent Green Is People!!!


Gave new meaning to the word Slop. Only no self-respecting pig and/or hog would have eaten this!

Hello Piggy


Something on my flimsy paper plate was a verbalating and vacillating undulating mass that could have been an ectoplasm child of The Blob.

Trailer – The Blob (1958)

Or it could have been a version of Gagh was a Klingon delicacy made from serpent worms. Although most Klingons preferred it live…  Gagh to make you Gag!!

GMO Mutant FrankenChicken with burnt rock hard potato slices and somewhat edible cauliflower. It was so bad that I could not finish my meal, tossed it and went to purchase a small yet tasty sandwich. If this isn’t a reason for me to bring my own meals I don’t know what is??

To borrow a Quote from my Dad Edward G. Palmer’s favorite movie

Run Silent Run Deep (1958)

“What is that Sir? I can’t make it out!”

Run Silent Run Deep Official Trailer #1 – Clark Gable Movie (1958) HD




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  1. LOL – great post! I’m amazed at the things that are packaged and sold to us as “food” at times…with all of the chemicals and preservatives in some, they need a biohazard or nuclear warning symbol on them!

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