The Shadow Knows!!!


When I was a girl My Dad Edward G. Palmer was constantly reciting various radio programs from the 1930s/40s when he was growing up. The Shadow was one of his favorites. Lamont Cranston was The Shadow.

The Shadow Knows






DeBorah as the Veiled Shadow Goddess

13 thoughts on “The Shadow Knows!!!

  1. Somewhere at a young age (in the early ’70s) I picked up the phrase and repeated it whenever someone would be talking about not knowing someone’s intentions or why someone did what they did, “who knows what lurks in the heart of men,…only the Shadow knows.” I obviously didn’t pick up the “evil” part of that phrase. Interesting since I never listened to the program (or at least have no memory of it) – yet it had become part of the cultural landscape that somehow I absorbed it. One of first ventures into the realm of metaphysics, I suppose.

    1. The Shadow was one of my Dad’s favorite Radio shows. When I was a little girl back in the 1960s he was quoting those lines to me. I almost felt like I had been a kid along with him back in 1930s/1940s Harlem!! Amazing what we remember from childhood as we get older. Once again Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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