Why Mothers are Golden while Fathers Struggle for Bronze

This is a blog article that everyone should read but especially men! The careless sowing of the seed and abandonment of the harvest happens in America too! I do Thank God that my Dad was a great man who took care of my mother and we children. A real true Man who kept, loved and took care of his disabled son in the face of adversity! Thank you Mable and Edward Palmer.

Mum C writes


A mother is someone who can never be forgotten in life. She is the first point of contact, one who agrees to make her body a home for the vulnerable to grow through nausea, fever, weakness and all the pain associated with pregnancy. She is prepared to go through the most painful ordeal to see to one’s birth. There is nothing that beats this gesture. It is a worldwide thing. I would now zoom into my comfort zone and talk about mothers in Africa, specifically Ghana.

Most people celebrate their mothers in Ghana because of many reasons. Even mothers who are housewives are preferred to bread winning fathers simply because the mothers suffer to get most of the things the children need. It is a customary law that women thank the fathers of their children no matter how small they contribute for their upkeep.

So no matter how much a…

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