a Creators’ Collective Brooklyn Art Show


Saturday, October 20th.


Three of my paintings will be on display. Hoping to Sell All Three!

Suggested Donation of $10.00. Preferred Donation: $20.00. Starts at 6:00 pm. Entertainment begins at 7:00 pm.


aCreators Collection on Display


Surreal Deal Artworks

All my paintings and collages, Except my Witness Trees series which is in progress, are available on Etsy and I’m also offering the option of buying my artwork on a sliding scale prices of between $150 – $550 so that every one has the opportunity to purchase.

Here are some of my favorite artworks.

My kitchen has now become a mini museum gallery. Thanks go out to my housemate Marc B who curates my paintings. He’s got skills!

You can make your purchase through my PayPal account–


Isolation and Introspection

Isolation and Introspection

The Art of Consolation

Rhysia and TyRhysia

TyRhysia, the implants rickle and stitch said Rhysia as she ran her hands over the pearl size bumps along the side of her face.

Leave them alone Rhysia. They will be removed once we reach homeland base Felinia.

Remember The Ancestor cards yet to be retrieved and activated.

Your uncomfortable internal pearls have a vital role to play in the drama.

But TyRhysia, I want to be a Honeycomb! A Constellation of Honeycombs in the Mouths of Lions.

Hush baby. You will be. You soon will be.

Each of us has a microFantasy to act out.

At which point TyRhysia activated Rhysia sensor pearl cranium implants causing Rhysia to Rhythmically grimple and grackle along the mossy grass fields whilst ejecting spurts of podshoots that ignited into fiery energy bursts.

Deactivating the pearl bead sensors causing Rhysia to collapse into a deep meditative slumber.

Oddly positioned up above in the overhead tree branches which formed a leafy Murphy bed. Lower legs visible occasionally fwipping in and out from celestial island breezes.

Unfolding her massive wings She Who Sees All Gently Hovering Watching over her snoring charge.


Ms. Rhysia you’re innocent as charged. For a crossed eyed Dragon sees straight in its Dreams.




Afro Angel Halo Rings

The Masks we all Wear — Left Eye Aflame Afire

Left eye Aflame Afire-- The Masks we all Wear
Afro Angel Halo Rings — Left Eye Aflame Afire

The Spiritual Component of Suffering.

Fasting to gain insight and ultimately relief. Appeasement of a jealous God.

Have you eaten? Are you not afraid that He Who Watches may see yet remain unseen?

Do you know who resides within the Watchtower?

What wandering souls nightly spirits peek out from the Watchtower walls. Eyes searching seeking for inhabitants of small spaces.

Left Eye Aflame Afire. Blurring vision yet powerful innervision. Ability to see inside the minds of All Sentient beings.


Death of a Female Saint

Death of a Female Saint

Death of a Female Saint

Death of a Female Saint

Oil on Acrylic

The more she tries the less she has. With every effort she reaps failure and scorn.

With every Hang in there and I got this lie, sickness and disease.

Every thing she did was wrong. The Memes, motivational speakers and Life Coaches mocked her with false promises of a better Life. A fantasy Life only attained in hallucinations.

With every Victory or so called success pieces of her are lost buried in forgotten graves.

Resilience and resources long spent and exhausted. She raised her arms towards Heaven.

Believe only half of what you see and None of what you hear.

Phyllis Hyman