The Nubian Ninja Reviews Gods of Egypt


Disclaimer: This is not just a movie review but part Rant and is not PC. If you’re allergic to truth and earthy language Do Not Read any Further. Yes there is liberal use of the F-word.


The Nubian Ninja reviews Gods of Egypt

Major WTF Moment. How in the hell do you make a film about Egypt and all the leading characters are British white people, except a token Negro God Thoth the God of Wisdom. Oh yes as always the few Blacks in the movie are in supporting roles.
Egypt is in Africa therefore Egyptians are Africans. Yes I do realize that many Egyptians are Arabs but in no case are they white. There are many Egyptians working at the museum and none of them have white skin, blue eyes or blond hair! Working at a museum which has an Egyptian Wing which I have been posted in or passed through on many occasions. I look at the sculptures and the canopic jars and see African features. In fact I see my face on many of the women artifacts. Yes I do know that gradually Ancient Egypt was invaded by many cultures resulting in mummy sarcophagus with Greek and/or Macedonian features but that was towards the end. The original Egyptians were Nubians!!
Hollywood what, why or how in the fuck would Egyptian gods have British accents. If you did have to pick British actors you mean to tell me you could only find one person of color to portray the many Egyptian gods. Is England, Egypt or America running out of Black or Brown people? Would you pick a Black actress to portray Boudica? Fuck No! Why? Because Queen Boudica was of British Celtic origins.
My Black & Brown Peoples! Hollywood is never going to portray Blacks accurately in movies. It’s time to rise up, make our own movies much like Indian folks have Bollywood, and support Black Directors, Producers and Film-makers otherwise this Bullshit will keep happening.
I do give the movie 3 stars for action but that’s about it. Peace out!
The Nubian Ninja ~~ Goddess of the Seven Lands!!!!

10 thoughts on “The Nubian Ninja Reviews Gods of Egypt

  1. The thing to note and add is that if we were to address the time period that is being portrayed in the film (which I did not watch), then the people in Egypt weren’t even Arabs. Arabs are late comers to Egypt, arriving less than 2,000 years ago; therefore, to portray Egyptian Gods in a time period from over 5,000 of years ago would still require black Africans, not Arabs.

    1. Yes Zaji that is a great point. Very true. I suppose I thought about Arabs because my Egyptian Co-workers are Arabs or at least they speak Arabic. Of course my Coptic Co-workers probably have some Black African blood in them. I’m certain after all this time they are mixed just like me. The producers and directors should have chosen Black people for historical accuracy even though it was a movie about “Gods” but then again Hollywood does not care to get things right. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Didn’t see the movie. But I do know Europeans have been “white washing” history for years. In history books and in Hollywood. I live with a woman in her 80’s who watches old westerns. Very few have blacks in these movies and the American Indians are played by white people. I agree there are wenough blacks in the industry to make quality movies that will portray us in aositive light.

  3. Movies are so away from reality. Most of them anyway. The real ones do not become commercial successes. And thus one man’s idea of something far away shapes the biases of millions.

  4. A very sad situation really. I agree so much with the call that it’s high time blacks started doing theirs and doing it the right way too. The unfortunate thing is that we fail to have one voice.

    1. Yes Black people need to band together and stop asking white people for any sort of recognition which they are never going to give us. If we stand and work together with one voice we can stop begging for scraps and crumbs from whitey’s table.

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