Happy Leap Day!!

Here are some Leap Day traditions and customs courtesy of The New York Times.  Just think if I was in Ireland today I could propose to the Man of the Dreams!! LOL!! Ha! Ha!!



Here is more on the Irish Tradition of Ladies Privilege.

Legend has it that “The Ladies’ Privilege,” as it was known then, originated in the fifth century, with an Irish nun later known as St. Brigid. Through her intervention it was decided that on Feb. 29, women would be given the opportunity to pop the question as a way to balance traditional gender roles in a manner not unlike how leap year serves to balance the calendar.

Ireland is one of the many countries on my Ideal Vacation List of Places to Travel when I retire.  In the meantime I happily join in on any St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations to which I am invited.

Famous Leap Day Babies courtesy amNew York newspaper



Quantum Leap

Here is another type of Leap that we can think about on this Leap Day. For those of you who remember the show Quantum Leap here are some fun links.  I really enjoyed the show Quantum Leap. The protagonist Sam Beckett played by actor Scott Bakula Leaped into the bodies of different hosts in various time periods. I thought it was a good show.