Japanese Purification Ceremony & Early Birthday


Went to my Japanese girlfriend’s home for a Japanese Buddhist Purification Ceremony. The American Christian equivalent is a House Blessing or Housewarming without the gifts. Enjoyed the chanting, rituals and fellowship. My girlfriend and her husband are great hosts and a lovely time was had by all who attended. The Woman Minister who officiated the ceremony was great!

My girlfriend also surprised me with a delicious Birthday cake!! My Birthday is tomorrow so I was it was pure Joy that she thought of my Special day on her special home purification day. I am truly Blessed to have good friends from all races, faiths, countries, religions and ethnic groups!! Oh Happy Day!!  At the stroke of midnight which will usher in Feb. 27th I will turn 57!!  Woohoo!!


Rare Earth – I Just Want to Celebrate


The guests get to take home and eat the food offerings after the ceremony is over. Of course having several Americans in attendance including her husband who is Jewish American my girlfriend also supplied a very tasty luncheon which we all enjoyed.

I have been a Member of and attending the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple in New York for nearly three years. It has helped me develop spirituality and even deepened my Christianity. Eventually at some point in time I will travel to Japan with my girlfriend to visit all the Shinnyo-en Temples.




Yours truly. The Birthday cake is not on fire! It just looks that way!


57 Birthday Cake