BadAss Blizzard in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That are Cold

These photos were taken outside my home in Brownsville, Brooklyn. As you can see both my front and back yards are completely blocked by snow drifts. I had to dig a pathway to my front gate so I could get photos of the street.  And yes I actually had to climb over 4 foot snow drifts just to get to my front door after getting off the subway.  What an adventure!!  Snowstorm Jonas is the evil Jonas brother!! LOL!!



18 thoughts on “BadAss Blizzard in Brownsville, Brooklyn

  1. The storm should have skipped over you and hit us. That would have been awesome for the kids.
    Normally, I hate snow & being cold but this year I’m determined to enjoy it as much as possible. And it’s the one year we haven’t gotten much of anything. Isn’t that always how it works?

    1. Yes great for kids but bad for working class adults who cannot take off work. I cannot call out. Yesterday I had to report to work. It was miserable coming into the job and even worse going home. Very dangerous conditions.

  2. I hope I never see that much snow! Sorry to hear about your trek home, and then the struggle to get inside once there. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Thanks. All the exercising that I’ve been doing paid off. Unexpected events and hazardous dangerous conditions are a great reason to stay in shape. You never know what’s gonna happen and when you’ll have to make it on your own.

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