Uggs take the Ugh out of Winter Snow



Dear People of Australia,

Thank you for inventing Ugg boots. I have two pair. One that kept my feet warm but not so good in wet snowy weather and the other pair are the heavy duty water resistant ones that I’m making ample use of today since it is snowing like crazy here in New York City.

They are expensive but worth the cost. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and they are worth the overtime and extra money as they keep my feet dry and warm in these nasty NYC snowstorms. I was fortunate to get a discount as my girlfriend’s cousin worked for the Ugg Outlet/Warehouse so I did get a reduced price. She no longer works there so I got my Uggs right on time.

And Yes Your Girl aka Your’s Truly was out there shoveling snow. One of my many and varied NYC survival skills. I probably have the best arm muscles and biceps during the winter! Not so good for my bad back! Ouch!! Anyway I employed the push the snow method as opposed to lifting and throwing. Snow like the MTA NYC Transit System gives you unwanted and unplanned for exercise!! LOL!!

I know it is summer Down Under and I truly wish some of your warm weather could be transplanted to New York. I really despise snow but Hey it’s January. I live in New York and snow is what happens during New York winters.

Here are my Warrior Ugg Boots!!

Frozen for Adults ~~ Evil Attack Snowmen


This 2017 Nissan Rogue commercial is crazy funny. In fact as I’ve been flipping through YouTube there is a little game you can play where you either Dodge the Snowmen, Attack them and/or call for Reinforcements. Lots of Fun!!  Since I really loathe snow and Snowmen, except Frosty the Snowman but he’s a good guy, I was having the time of my life having the Nissan guys mow those Snowmen down especially that Mega-Snowman!

Get those Nasty Snowmen and Destroy Them!!!

Frozen for Adults ~~ Battle Style


Blizzard Blessings!

We might not be in control of Snowstorm Jonas but Janet Jackson​ is in Control of the Groove!!

Janet Jackson – Control

My landlord is digging us out now. My room-mate and I were literally trapped inside the house by snow! I tried opening the front door and there was a snowdrift nearly as tall as me! Anyway we should be Free soon. Thank God today is my day off! Yesterday I had to fling myself over a four foot snowdrift just to get onto my block and inside my house. Glad I’m in good physical shape. Guess now I qualify for the winter Olympics Snow Vaulting competition!! LOL!!

The snow is knee deep and in some areas waist deep. Yesterday I really got in my cardio and resistance training walking from East 84th Street to 86th Street CPW to reach the subway station! All the shoveling will prevent those dreaded bat wings that plague ladies of a certain age. Yes folks this nearly 57 year old middle-age Woman is now ready for an Iron Woman competition!


Now Gimme a Beat and Let’s Get into That Nasty Groove With SiStar Janet Jackson!



Now for some BadAss Nasty Free Winter Verse for that Nasty Winter Snow Storm!

Winter Storm Tempest Rages creating Cathedrals of Ice and Snow. Worshipers rush through the Snowy sanctuary. Walls of white engage silent priests.

Stalactites and Stalagmites frozen ring in the frozen choir. Chill winds blow blizzard communion wafer pellets into exposed skin. Muffled voices murmuring against snowy silence. Snowstorm suspends civilization of modern man in its wake.

Father Winter and I are now one. Snow battered bodies blister in ecstasy. Gale force winds whip me Heavenly upwards to behold Glory.

BadAss Blizzard in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That are Cold

These photos were taken outside my home in Brownsville, Brooklyn. As you can see both my front and back yards are completely blocked by snow drifts. I had to dig a pathway to my front gate so I could get photos of the street.  And yes I actually had to climb over 4 foot snow drifts just to get to my front door after getting off the subway.  What an adventure!!  Snowstorm Jonas is the evil Jonas brother!! LOL!!



With Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

My Favorite Season is Summer! I Love Heat, Sunshine, Warmth. Must be my African blood. I wish New York’s climate was more like California, Hawaii or Florida. Summer gives me the opportunity to wear dresses and skirts.  I tend to get out more because the weather is good during the summer.  Going to the park, the beach, just being able to soak in the sun’s rays is my ideal dream.  I Love seeing the trees and flowers in bloom, walking through the grass and enjoying nature.

Foggy Misty Morn Central Park
Foggy Misty Morn Central Park

My least favorite season is winter. I HATE cold, ice, snow, & freezing temps. Ugh!!  Housebound. Hibernating (NOT!!)  Traveling in snow and ice is dangerous. Fear of falling and breaking my limbs. Transportation can be iffy and who wants to stand outside in the snow, sleet and/or ice waiting for a bus or train?!  Yuck!!  Having to spend 20 minutes putting on 5 layers of clothing is not sexy!!  Neither is not seeing that black ice hiding under the snow and taking a tumble. Nor is getting unwanted exercise shoveling snow and putting down deicer just so you can get out of the house!  Also cold frozen winter temps are really bad for my arthritis. Painful locked joints are no fun.

So give this hot blooded woman a sunshiny 85 degree day 24/7/365!!