Snowstorm Jonas


This is one Badass Blizzard. Thank you Jesus!! The Museum closed at 2:30 pm. Made it home safely to Brooklyn! NYC bus service shut down at 12 noon so I had to hoof it to 86th Street Central Park West! Had to walk in the street. Fortunately the Mayor and Gov. ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the streets so I did not get run over. Caught a D train to 59th Street and picked up the A train which was running local. Snow was inside the Ralph Avenue station. The entire platform was snowbound. The Mayor and Gov. cut off all subway service at 4 pm. Made it home by the skin of my teeth!

Snowstorm Jonas has brought the Big Apple to a halt except for the rich people on the Upper East Side frolicking with their kids and dogs in Central Park. But for those of us forced to work it was an icy hell.  Glad to have made it home safely.

Here is the Google Photos link because I cannot get the video to post to this page. I took this photos from the windows at the museum. Please excuse the blurriness of some photos since at times the snow is drifting and a total white-out!




21 thoughts on “Snowstorm Jonas

    1. So am I. It was quite an adventure getting home but Praise God I arrived safely and in one piece!! Believe it or not the museum was still trying to get guards to stay and do overtime. Forget that mess! Now I’m in my nice warm bedroom, drinking hot green tea with my cat Sylvester laying next to me! Ahh…. Bliss!

      1. I really thought we were going to get hit when the storm went over us but we got maybe five snowflakes, sorry it’s all dumping on the east coast. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.

    1. I’m fine. My job requires me to be there no matter what the weather. If the Gov. and Mayor had closed the subways earlier I would not have gone in however as long as the subway runs I’m required to come in. Tomorrow I’m off so I get a pass.

  1. Glad you made it safe – and heard on the news that Brooklyn was getting more than other parts – we have snow and wind here in VA – but y’all have it worse.
    Going to view your pics now – ☕️❄️

    1. Yes New York was and still is in some neighborhoods a Cold Icy Frozen mess! Happy and so glad to be home today. Going to work yesterday and then traveling home was a real adventure in physical fitness. Thank the Lord God I’m in fairly good physical condition to endure a long walk to the subway (No bus service) while snow is beating my face and trying not to fall into snowdrifts since being a short person I would have been swallowed up and not discovered until Springtime!! LOL!! Also there was the 4 foot snow drift vaulting since the snow was piled up against my block and there were no pathways. I literally had to fling myself over the gigantic snow pile just to get inside my house!! What a day!!

    1. If my employer would allow me I would keep safe but money and profits come before the safety of employees. In order to keep this job I must take health and safety risks otherwise I’ll be poor, homeless and hungry.

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