BadAss Blizzard in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That are Cold

These photos were taken outside my home in Brownsville, Brooklyn. As you can see both my front and back yards are completely blocked by snow drifts. I had to dig a pathway to my front gate so I could get photos of the street.  And yes I actually had to climb over 4 foot snow drifts just to get to my front door after getting off the subway.  What an adventure!!  Snowstorm Jonas is the evil Jonas brother!! LOL!!



Snowstorm Jonas


This is one Badass Blizzard. Thank you Jesus!! The Museum closed at 2:30 pm. Made it home safely to Brooklyn! NYC bus service shut down at 12 noon so I had to hoof it to 86th Street Central Park West! Had to walk in the street. Fortunately the Mayor and Gov. ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the streets so I did not get run over. Caught a D train to 59th Street and picked up the A train which was running local. Snow was inside the Ralph Avenue station. The entire platform was snowbound. The Mayor and Gov. cut off all subway service at 4 pm. Made it home by the skin of my teeth!

Snowstorm Jonas has brought the Big Apple to a halt except for the rich people on the Upper East Side frolicking with their kids and dogs in Central Park. But for those of us forced to work it was an icy hell.  Glad to have made it home safely.

Here is the Google Photos link because I cannot get the video to post to this page. I took this photos from the windows at the museum. Please excuse the blurriness of some photos since at times the snow is drifting and a total white-out!