Breaking The Silence On Vaccine Violence

Through Holistic means Nichole is the Miracle Girl!! Love Her!! She is my Hero!! Such an Angel Sweetheart!

Three Steps To Morning

When are more people in this country going to speak up about vaccine damages. I feel like people are turning a blind eye to what is going on with our children, today! People are afraid to question their doctors. For those parents who are afraid to question their doctors about giving their children vaccine shots. I have some encouraging advice to help you out. Before you make an appointment to give you child another toxic vaccine shot, contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and ask for a public report of other children who have been hurt by the particular vaccine you scheduling for you child. You will get the report because when my daughter was hurt by vaccines, I asked for a public report of other children who were hurt and received the report on a CD. Once you receive the report and you view how many children…

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She put her hand to the Stone……………………

She put her hand to the Stone and a million millennia of memories coursed through her soul and out from her pores.

She put her hand to every boulder and heard the rocks cry out their praise to Our Creator.

She put her hand to the magnificent Oak Tree and received the voices of streams, rivers, oceans, lakes and streams.

Woman Tree
Woman Tree

She put her hand inside Gaia Mother Earth and heard the calls of sacrifices, bog dwellers, cave peoples, the cries of those murdered all crying out for justice.

She extended her hands within the forest absorbed the singings of creatures past and present reverberating within her spirit. Her fingers touched the voices of cave dwellers imbuing their drawings with Life. And in the fullness of time vibrations echoed through the eons.

She put her hand upon the Rock of Ages and they extended their hands inside her inner being enveloping her with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

What Are The Akashic Records & How to Access the Akashic Records

Disease Cannot Live In An Alkaline Body

Pictures speak 1000 words. Nichole before Kangen water and after Kangen water. I had the Honor of meeting Nichole and her Mom Barbara Mac Nair Gertman today and I was filled with joy while interacting with this little girl. Nichole’s Smile lights 1 Million suns, moons and stars. Truly she is a gift from God!! I was truly Blessed to be in her magnificent presence! Nichole is our Angel Princess!!

Three Steps To Morning

I recently sent my daughter’s neurologist an email and it went something like this: I am sending you this email to inform you that Nichole has been experiencing some major side effects recently with her medications. I have listed all of her side effects and I have also contacted the Maximum Health Care Agency who provides nursing care for Nichole. I have taken Nichole off her medication and reduced the Onfi until she is no longer taking Onfi. Nichole has been off Onfi since August 29th and her seizures are maintaining 1 – 4 day. Nichole’s body is not functioning being on this medication. I am seeking a Green Medical Doctor for Nichole because the prescription drugs are going to eventually kill my child and I want to heal her body not manage this type of care. I still want to stay under your care for the diet, but I…

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