Disease Cannot Live In An Alkaline Body

Pictures speak 1000 words. Nichole before Kangen water and after Kangen water. I had the Honor of meeting Nichole and her Mom Barbara Mac Nair Gertman today and I was filled with joy while interacting with this little girl. Nichole’s Smile lights 1 Million suns, moons and stars. Truly she is a gift from God!! I was truly Blessed to be in her magnificent presence! Nichole is our Angel Princess!!

Three Steps To Morning

I recently sent my daughter’s neurologist an email and it went something like this: I am sending you this email to inform you that Nichole has been experiencing some major side effects recently with her medications. I have listed all of her side effects and I have also contacted the Maximum Health Care Agency who provides nursing care for Nichole. I have taken Nichole off her medication and reduced the Onfi until she is no longer taking Onfi. Nichole has been off Onfi since August 29th and her seizures are maintaining 1 – 4 day. Nichole’s body is not functioning being on this medication. I am seeking a Green Medical Doctor for Nichole because the prescription drugs are going to eventually kill my child and I want to heal her body not manage this type of care. I still want to stay under your care for the diet, but I…

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