Breaking The Silence On Vaccine Violence

Through Holistic means Nichole is the Miracle Girl!! Love Her!! She is my Hero!! Such an Angel Sweetheart!

Three Steps To Morning

When are more people in this country going to speak up about vaccine damages. I feel like people are turning a blind eye to what is going on with our children, today! People are afraid to question their doctors. For those parents who are afraid to question their doctors about giving their children vaccine shots. I have some encouraging advice to help you out. Before you make an appointment to give you child another toxic vaccine shot, contact the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and ask for a public report of other children who have been hurt by the particular vaccine you scheduling for you child. You will get the report because when my daughter was hurt by vaccines, I asked for a public report of other children who were hurt and received the report on a CD. Once you receive the report and you view how many children…

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