Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

This week the topic is Kind and Caring I find taking photos of kind moments are fun to capture.  Let’s see how creative you can be on for this week’s challenge.  Have fun with this week’s challenge.

My brother Stephen who is the very definition of kindness and caring.  Stephen is the greatest and most Awesome Autism Guy in the world.  He has helped me in many ways and does his best to reach out to others in need including the homeless.  Stephen does not view his Autism as a disability but as a way to channel his generosity, kindness, caring and compassion to others in greater need.  He is always there to assist his friends who live with him at his Group Home Residence and at his Training Center.  Stephen is a Transformer as he transforms every life he touches.  My brother Stephen is Love in Action.  Stephen is more than my brother ~~ Stephen is my best friend.







More Calls for Stephen


I did get a positive response from Rep.Tom Suozzi who represents Stephen’s district of Bellerose, Queens. Today I made a call to Congressman Gregory Meeks of Queens. Even though others may think my efforts are futile or may laugh at me I will continue to call as many elected officials as possible. I cannot give up on Stephen. I Love my brother Stephen and would do anything for him.

Restore the programs and services that have been eliminated from Stephens Group Home Residence and Training Center!! Hire more trained staff and No More Layoffs! No cuts to Medicaid! Everyone out there please call! Your Calls DO matter!! If we deluge Our Elected Officials with phone calls, email messages, texts and visits to their offices they must take notice!! No more apathy! Get Involved!!

I encouraged Rep. Tom Suozzi to visit Stephen’s Group Home Residence located at Bellerose, Queens. To Come see the wonderful work QCP does for developmentally disabled adults. Also visit AABR located in Jamaica, Queens which does an excellent job of educating and training adults with multiple disabilities. Plus to Bring as many Congresspersons, Senators and other Reps.  Perhaps if our Elected Officials see the faces of the people who will be affected and are affected by budget cuts and possible loss of Medicaid their minds can be swayed.




Stephen is a Mighty Autism Warrior.  How about you?  Please let me know which elected officials you contacted in your area and their response. (This only applies to U.S.A. residents)


#AutismLivesMatter    #Autism




I’m Calling for Stephen! Who are you calling for?



This post pertains to my Followers/Subscribers in the USA.


Today July 12 for a National Disability Community Call-In Day to urge Senators to oppose the ACA repeal bill. The Senate is planning to vote NEXT WEEK — and with a bill this dangerous, we can’t let up until there’s no chance of it passing. That’s why we’re asking you to join this call-in day – to intensify our collective voices and tell the Senate to defend our right to health care.
I made my calls. Are you making yours? I called for my brother Stephen Palmer who does not have conversational speech. Stephen cannot speak for himself so I called for him.
I made Two (2) calls to Senator Chuck Schumer. Called Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries , & Rep. Yvette Clarke.

I’m Calling for Stephen. Who are you calling for?


Medicaid and SSI are what pay for Stephen to be in his Group Home Residence and to receive health care.  Obviously I cannot pay for his health care when I’m barely able to take care of myself.  Americans Stand Up for those with Disabilities. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!!

Below is a Copy and Paste from the Email ASAN sent me. For those of you in the USA please use your Zip Code to find the Congresspersons, Senators and Representatives for your District.  Thank you.

I’m Calling for Stephen. Who are you calling for?




Join ASAN, July 12 for a National Disability Community Call-In Day to urge Senators to oppose the ACA repeal bill. The Senate is planning to vote NEXT WEEK — and with a bill this dangerous, we can’t let up until there’s no chance of it passing. That’s why we’re asking you to join this call-in day – to intensify our collective voices and tell the Senate to defend our right to health care.
Why call?
A single day when we all converge on the Senate’s telephone lines will show them just how big, determined, and relentless our community is. The disability community has a long history of organizing and fighting for our rights – and we need to show the Senate that we won’t stop.
Since postponing the vote, some Senators who’ve pledged to vote “yes” are using the extra time to try to bring more of the “no” votes over to their side. With all that backroom negotiating going on, we have to make sure our Senators know that no deal is good enough to justify taking our health care away.
Senators who oppose the bill need to hear from their constituents that they’re doing the right thing. Some Senators have pledged to vote “no” on the repeal bill, and that’s great! We need them to stand firm and keep working to convince their colleagues to oppose the bill.
How can I join?
Look up your Senators’ phone numbers by entering your ZIP code at contactingcongress.org. When you call, you’ll be speaking to one of the Senator’s staffers, not the Senator themselves.
If you want to call, but don’t want to talk to a staffer on the phone, you can call after work hours and leave a message on the answering machine. Your message will still be counted.
If you don’t speak, you can call using your AAC device, or get a friend to call in and read your message.
However you do it, we need your calls during tomorrow’s national call-in day.
Here’s a script you can use:
My name is [your full name]. I’m a constituent of Senator [Name], and I live in [your town]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to vote NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act. This bill would take health insurance away from 22 million Americans, and destroy Medicaid as we know it. Disabled people in our state would lose access to lifesaving health care and be forced into institutions – all to fund a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans. People with disabilities like [me/ my family member/ my friends] are not disposable, and our Medicaid is not your trust fund. Please vote AGAINST repealing the Affordable Care Act. We’re counting on you to do the right thing.
Tomorrow’s national call-in will be thousands of voices with one message: Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege afforded only to a select few. Every single person that calls tomorrow will help amplify our message and make sure that the Senate hears us. We hope you’ll join us.
P.S. – Need help understanding what the ACA repeal does? You can read about how it would change the ACA and Medicaid in our plain-language toolkits.
PO Box 66122, Washington, DC 20035


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Balancing the Budget on the Backs of Our Most Vulnerable Populations


This is an expanded post based statements I made on yesterday’s Share Your World.

Budget cuts for Our Most Vulnerable Populations

I Love and Enjoy attending Stephen’s meeting and seeing him. The news about all the layoffs and cutbacks due to lack of funding was depressing. Less and less services and programs for Stephen and the other residents.
The art program has been completely cut. Stephen enjoys art and making drawings, ceramics, etc…. He is no longer going out to as many work-sites because New York State has not provided funding to pay staff to take him to his job sites. Stephen used to attend a special camp for Adults with Autism but that got cut also. So you see my 3 days off was not relaxing in the least bit.
Developmentally Disabled citizens are being kicked to the curb because our American government no longer cares. Many professionals and family members are worried that this is a return to the warehousing of developmentally disabled people that was the norm in the 50s, 60s & 70s. Those of you old enough will remember Willowbrook and the scandal that reporter Geraldo Rivero exposed at that house of horrors.
When Geraldo Rivero went inside the Willowbrook facility he found resident rocking back and forth let in their own waste, feces, & urine. Residents were beaten by their often overworked, untrained supposed care-givers. So for those of you who criticise the Media TV Reporters think again. If it were not for investigative reporters hundreds if not thousands of Autism/Special Needs/Developmentally Disabled people would be crying out in pain. Crying into a void because nobody listens. So give your support to the Good and Reliable Media/TV Reporters. Often they are God’s Angels in disguise.
Keep in mind that staff who are overworked and underpaid often make mistakes. However these mistakes put disabled people at risk.
When our parents died I took up the mantle. Even before their deaths I was very much involved in caring for my brother Stephen. I still do my best but it is difficult for me to keep up with what is going on at his Residence and Training School. Especially since I work full-time. Plus I’m getting older. My body has aches, pains and disabilities now that I did not have 15 or 20 years ago. Even going up and down the subway stairs is a challenge. I get tired more easily and I’m starting to slow down.
My desire is to do more for Stephen but I don’t know how. I do call and email my elected officials because I cannot be with Stephen 24/7/365. Still I feel that guilt. Always asking God How can I be a better Sister to Stephen. Many days I’m at my wits end.
I wish I was rich and wealthy so I could donate money to hire more staff and return the arts, camps, work-site/work readiness programs that make the lives those with developmental disabilities fulfilling.
Not only will I be once again writing, calling and texting our elected officials I’m thinking of getting in touch with Caroline Kennedy, President John Kennedy’s daughter.  Those of you born and raised in the U.S.A. already know that President Kennedy’s Sister Rosemary Kennedy was born with developmental and intellectual disabilities probably due to a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth.  Most Americans are familiar with the Special Olympics begun by Ethel Kennedy.
Here is an old post of mine to give you more information regarding Rosemary Kennedy.
Stephen is a kind, compassion, loving, giving human being  who is always concerned for his fellow human beings. Sadly New York has a huge homeless populations.  At night homeless people sleep in cardboard boxes on the streets in all types of weather. Many live inside the subway stations that includes the platforms as well as inside the subway cars.
I remember one time while we were riding the subway a disabled homeless man began to cry. Stephen was about to get up out of his seat because he wanted so much to help this poor man.  If Stephen sees a blind or wheelchair person in distress he will go over to them. Stephen cannot stand to see other people suffer. His attitude is always, “I can help. Please let me help you.”  Stephen helps me tremendously when I’m feeling down and does so without judgment because being judgmental or critical of hurting people is a foreign concept to him. If an Autism Guy can give of himself to help others why can’t the American government do the same?  How can City, State and Federal elected officials continue to enact polices that put ALL Disabled populations at risk?




Remember that All Human Beings Have Value and worth. Everyone Deserves a Fulfilling, Happy and Joyful Life no matter their disability.  An opportunity to fulfill their passions and purpose. A chance to express their creativity. We must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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Share Your World – 2016 Week 46


Share Your World – 2016 Week 46

Share Your World – 2016 Week 46

041514 sywbanner

Are you a traveler or a homebody? 

Homebody. The furthest I’ve traveled in the last eight 8 years is New Jersey, Washington, DC and Connecticut!

What kind of TV commercial would you like to make? Describe it.

Hmmm….. Now I don’t have a TV but perhaps I could make a commercial showing how we are more alike than different. Something to promote LTD, Love Togetherness and Devotion. It would feature myself and my brother Stephen an Awesome Autism Guy who is the most Loving and Caring person I know.

My first Autism Fundraising Video Efforts.

Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name.

Devoted. Devoted to my brother Stephen.

List some fun things for a rainy day.

Sleeping. Eating. If Stephen his here with me doing some art projects, i.e. collages. Listening to music. Working on my blogs.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Grateful that I survived our devastating and disappointing election. Seeking ways that I can promote peace plus helping those who are disadvantaged like the Autism Community. It is not enough to complain about D.T. but we have to do things that will help those who are disenfranchised.  Stop Complaining!! Start using your Blogs in ways that will help those in need!

In that effort I’m encouraging everyone to make donations to Queens Centers for Progress and AABR whose programs and services have changed my brother Stephen’s life and many other developmentally disabled adults lives for the better.

Remember even if you don’t have money you can donate time via volunteering, cars, art supplies, etc………

I’m Looking forward to raising as much money as possible for both AABR and QCP. Please share this with all your Networks and encourage folks to donate.  Thank you and God Bless!!






Queens Centers for Progress




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