More Calls for Stephen


I did get a positive response from Rep.Tom Suozzi who represents Stephen’s district of Bellerose, Queens. Today I made a call to Congressman Gregory Meeks of Queens. Even though others may think my efforts are futile or may laugh at me I will continue to call as many elected officials as possible. I cannot give up on Stephen. I Love my brother Stephen and would do anything for him.

Restore the programs and services that have been eliminated from Stephens Group Home Residence and Training Center!! Hire more trained staff and No More Layoffs! No cuts to Medicaid! Everyone out there please call! Your Calls DO matter!! If we deluge Our Elected Officials with phone calls, email messages, texts and visits to their offices they must take notice!! No more apathy! Get Involved!!

I encouraged Rep. Tom Suozzi to visit Stephen’s Group Home Residence located at Bellerose, Queens. To Come see the wonderful work QCP does for developmentally disabled adults. Also visit AABR located in Jamaica, Queens which does an excellent job of educating and training adults with multiple disabilities. Plus to Bring as many Congresspersons, Senators and other Reps.  Perhaps if our Elected Officials see the faces of the people who will be affected and are affected by budget cuts and possible loss of Medicaid their minds can be swayed.


Stephen is a Mighty Autism Warrior.  How about you?  Please let me know which elected officials you contacted in your area and their response. (This only applies to U.S.A. residents)


#AutismLivesMatter    #Autism




Yes Compassion is a Skill!!!


These are the people who help take care of my brother Stephen. Please support the Direct Care Workers. Come out to the Rally on March 11th. If you cannot come out to the rally to increase the salaries of Direct Care Professions please call, write, or email Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Thank you.  Unfortunately because of my work schedule I cannot be at the Rally. Those of you who have been following over a period of time know that it has been next to impossible for me to get time off work for Stephen or to extend my Autism Activism/Advocacy.  More or less I’m doing my Autism Advocacy with my hands tied behind my back.

Somebody please tell me why people like my brother Stephen do not have value in this country?  Why aren’t the Direct Care Workers paid a living wage?  I’m afraid. I’m afraid for Stephen. If the Direct Care Workers are not there then who will care for him?  How will I hold down a full-time job and take care of my brother also?  It is very difficult to be happy when you don’t know what the future holds for yourself or your developmentally disabled Loved one.


The Cost of Compassion


We support the Governors proposal to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour in
but there is NO MONEY IN HIS PROPOSED BUDGET to pay for it!

We need additional funding to pay workers the increased wages and to raise
lower paid staff salaries so they don’t lose ground when the minimum is

Where:      633 3rd Avenue, Manhattan
When:        Friday 3/11/16 11am till 1pm





  • When: Friday 3/11/16 11am – 1pm
  • Where: 633 3rd Avenue, Manhattan
    Between 40th and 41st Streets
We need a HUGE presence outside the Governor’s office – He MUST fund the increase including money to make sure that staff doesn’t lose ground.