Impermanence and Grace





Canopic Jar Tiye







Snow Leopardess

Meet The Silver Fox






The Snow Leopardess ~~ She be Faith, Fury & Fire

Agility, Strength and Resilience

Possessed of Fierce Fighting Skills ~~ A Feline Ninja Who Vanquishes both prey and foes


In Moon-time Epochs Long Gone She carried the seed of Moses delivering a future King to Solomon’s Abraham


Atlantic beach waves lapping a Goddess relaxes along the shore. Gray heads nod to grey heads. Sunrise on the Dnieper flows near.

Dipping into the Reviving ocean tides she relives girlhood glee encompassed within the sea.







Slipping into the Season of Sixty

When I was a young woman my Dad used to say that I had to get dressed up just to take the garbage out! LOL! Yes I was a real clothes horse for a long time. Cue in the Carly Simon song, “You’re so Vain.” Always keeping up appearances. Everything had to be just so. Especially after I entered my 50s and the gray hair that was once a small area began to take over my entire head.

Time and circumstance always has lessons for us. Finally earlier this year I stopped coloring my hair. I let it be all white. I seldom get pedicures anymore and as for manicures that was rare for me anyone. Stopped worrying about my uni-brow and my menopause mustache.

As I get closer to age 60, (Feb. 2019) my goal is to just stay healthy. I have nobody to impress. I’m not trying to win the Ms. America or Ms. Universe pageant. Freedom is not having to impress people especially men. I always wanted to look good for guys. But my dating days are long over with and my focus is on other more important goals.

60 is not the new 20! Body parts will go south. That tummy fat is here to stay. In August a short time after I retired I went to Coney Island beach only about an hour away by subway. Thanks to Uncle Sam and my U.S. Army training it’s natural for me to get up early. At 5:00 am I’m ready to tackle the world. Arriving at the beach around 8:15 am I was in the company of many elders especially the Russian immigrants who live in the Brighten Beach/Coney Island neighborhood. Gray heads see grey heads. We nod in silent greeting and acknowledgement.

People in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Ladies unafraid to wear 2 piece bathing suits. Walking with a spouse or a beloved dog. Taking their early morning walks and sunbaths. I felt great. Waded in the water. Totally unconcerned about my looks. I’ve been wearing my hair natural for years and I recently decided to cut it all off back in April so other than a trip to the barber getting wet is no problem.

For me Freedom is getting older and accepting myself. Freedom is silencing my critical inner voice. Acceptance and adapting to my upcoming senior years.

Sixty. Yes I’m truly looking forward to that birthday on Feb. 2019.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”

Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park, NYC.  The Fountains at Rockefeller Center, NYC.  Columbus Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Koi Pond in the Asian Art Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park
Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park

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Fountains at Rockefeller Center in NYC
Fountains at Rockefeller Center in NYC

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Court Street Fountains20140905_142214IMG_20140905_141924IMG_20140905_141933Koi Pond

Koi Pond
Koi Pond