An Overgrown Pond




An OverGrown Pond


Where the Koi Jumped for Joy into the sky for the water comes from the sky then returns to the sea

Pistons, electrons, neutrons






By a Picnic Table caught up in sand

Beside a Piano wrapped around a tree

Where I had cracked an egg filled with red ants over his face

Where once I had tried two more times to plant myself on the portico of the place I had lived posthumously

Every day he would come to the drawing room dressed in a new wig and caftan ready to work on his latest illustrated sonata.

His goal ~~ The Chapel where the outline of an over grown cherub with upturned mustaches, a five o’clock shadow, cigar and swollen gonads graced the ceiling


In Her Long Flowing Caftan expectations were high.  Higher than ever before

As she crafted her Caftan Swung to and fro in the Breezes

Swirling & Twirling like a dance in Homage to the Muses and Goddesses of Ancient Times

Swaying Sometimes Billowing Out

Billowing Waving Flapping in Upturned Winds

Powered by gusts of frenetic kinetic energy her billowing Caftan swept over the town and villages spitting out flags, Semi-phores, and coded messages to family cemeteries

Leaving behind satisfied scripts which she added to her burgeoning collection


Sending Signals across the Mesa







Then the Joyful Koi began to play Ragtime 

They jumped up and struck the keys in sequence creating beautiful melodies













In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”


Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park, NYC.  The Fountains at Rockefeller Center, NYC.  Columbus Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Koi Pond in the Asian Art Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park
Misty Foggy Morn in Central Park

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Fountains at Rockefeller Center in NYC
Fountains at Rockefeller Center in NYC

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Court Street Fountains20140905_142214IMG_20140905_141924IMG_20140905_141933Koi Pond

Koi Pond
Koi Pond